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  1. J

    Over/Under Axle conversion

    Just a thought but I would double check if it has the Dexter axel and maybe due to age lost its camber and became on the straighter side But either way good luck!
  2. J

    cross bar testing, pic heavy

    Very interesting. What length were the EMT bars? Also what did you use to secure them to the roof rack channel. any final conclusion to EMT vs Thule bars?
  3. J

    looking to add a thermostat to a AC unit

    Currently have a roof top Carrier unit. Open for suggestions & do's and don'ts!
  4. J

    small propane grill exterior bracket?

    Camping this weekend I had seen in passing several small grills on stands that attached to the outdoor stove bracket. Does anyone have some info on these??
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    Fridge fan mod reference info
  6. J

    Fridge fan mod reference info

    That's the problem. Lots of fluff.
  7. J

    Fridge fan mod reference info

    Looking to have a thread dedicated to fridge fan mod info. Lots of threads to read through and extract how-to's. Please post good resources.
  8. J

    frame-mounted cargo rack?

    My friend has a 97' Santa fe in which he fabricated a frame that holds his kayaks. Try to find some pcs
  9. J

    strange humidity

    Sounds like we had the same night! I'm down in Florida, and the exact same thing happened to me. Had the AC running most of yesterday and at night till we got back to the camp site. And boy it was a moist in there. I was laying in bed thinking what did I do wrong?
  10. J

    Bias vs. Radial

    This weekend was my first trip with my new 185/80-13 Kendra lone star d-rated bias tires. And the felt great! Still very early, but it was a nice feeling knowing they were D's, and were a huge upgrade to what I was rolling previously. But next round ill go with radials just to see what all...
  11. J

    mystery drip location from interior portion of ac

    So were out camping @ ft wilderness. Pretty nice weather, so I have my carrier roof top AC unit on fan. Well wake up in the middle of the night and its dripping water from the control panel on the ceiling near the heat/cool knobs. Took the cover of and can't see were the water would be coming...
  12. J

    ABS Roof Questions

    I got super lucky! I bought my camper from the original owners who had Coleman replace the ABS roof with the newer version. Saved me a whole lotta $$$ and headaches [SUN]
  13. J

    Fleetwood Graphite, Used & Abused, $3000?

    I vote to keep looking for something in better condition
  14. J

    Bolt holes below leaf springs? can I use them to gain clearance?

    The kit I believe makes it so you dontt have to weld. But I took my axel to a trailer shop and it cost me $25 to have a perch welded on
  15. J

    Bumper-mounted PVC storage tube ideas?

    So what's the purpose of this storage set up? what do you put in it?
  16. J

    Bolt holes below leaf springs? can I use them to gain clearance?

    I started too. I got it lifted, then realized I had undo the axel almost completely. Wasn't a big deal, but then figured I was far enough along I might as well flip it. So I didn't end up dropping it to the lower holes. I'm glad I did the flip, and it wasn't much more effort then bringing...
  17. J

    yakima base rack on coleman

    Are you easily able to take the rack off and use it as a bike rack while camping?
  18. J

    are there parts diagrams for Coleman campers?

    That's awesome ! [:D]
  19. J

    is 6ply tire ok for a pop up? I hear radial is better.

    I agree. Sturdy Built price matched a online vendor
  20. J

    is 6ply tire ok for a pop up? I hear radial is better.

    I just put 185/80-13 D rated bias, Kendra Lone star tires on my pup. I paid $136 for 2 @ sturdy built trailers. Ill be taking a big trip next week so hopefully they'll treat me good.