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    2007 Dodge Grand Caravan towing a 2004 Coachmen Classic 1270st pop up

    I have a similar pup (Coachmen 1265st) and similar tow vehicle (2005 Honda Odyssey). My rig tows very well, but only because I have a WDH. I did tow it a few times without, and it was not fun. Definitely get the WDH. It is night and day. Of course, the electric brakes go without saying...
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    First time towing my "new" PopUp was only partially successful-need more weight?

    That should be a decent tow vehicle. In europe they probably equip it with a gooseneck hitch - like this: Yes it is costly, but I bet you will find it a more secure towing...
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    GA Unicoi State Park - Buddy sites

    We have stayed on the double buddy sites every fall for the last 4 years. We are a group of 10-12, with a pup, 3 cars and a tent. We fit pretty comfortably on the double buddy sites. They vary in size but will definitely hold a pup and small TT side by side. There are 2 sets of water and...
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    Anyone use a towing bike rack?

    In your calculation, you need to add the weight of the bikes. Bikes are around 30 pounds each, usually. Four of them would be 120 lbs, and look to be centered around the ball (18" from bumper?). Add that 180 ft-lbs to the torque imposed by the trailer ball. Still good?
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    Wekiwa River SP, FL and Reserve America - Funny

    I have been wanting to take the family to this nearby FL state park for awhile. Kept looking on reserveamerica - no sites at all, not even for one night. I knew it was popular, but couldn't believe I couldn't find anything at all for months and months! Then I read on the Florida parks website...
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    camp and bike - from the site or . . . ?

    Bikes being rear of the pup axle is probably bad, unloading the tongue and increasing sway. Get them forward if possible. Another thing that would help is a wdh with integrated sway control - equal-i-zer is one brand. They can sometimes be found used on craigslist, etc... Also, if you really...
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    CampChef Stove - Anyone Using one or something similar?

    Wal-mart has them, as does amazon dot com, for the best prices I have found. Looks good, if a bit bulky.
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    Front mounted rack?

    Only potential disadvantage is the tendency of the bikes to block your headlights and front license plate if required in your state. Seems to be less of an issue on larger vehicles, where the headlights will be farther apart.
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    Bike Rack for use with minivan

    I think the best option, and the one I use is a Yakima or Thule rack for the van roof. Yes, it is costly and yes you have to hoist bikes up there, but it is the most versatile option. On my Odyssey, I can load the bikes while standing in the open sliding door - a stool would also be helpful...
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    low hitch problems

    Is it a C channel (3 surfaces in cross-section) or more of a modified C-channel (5 surfaces in cross-section)? Mine a modified C, and I feel quite comfortable using a light duty WDH on it, despite manuals to the contrary.
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    A/C Noise level

    Thanks for the replies, I guess I will just live with it and be thankful we have it. Here in FL, it is required equipment for most of the year. We really like being able to open the camper up and enjoy the breeze, but when it is 95 degrees A/C is the only thing that will keep you comfortable.
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    A/C Noise level

    Am I the only one that finds it too loud? Mine is a Coleman Mach unit, and it roars (to my ears) even on low. Are some quieter than others?
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    FL - Bahia Honda

    Thanks commerce, I feel better already. Now if it were only 2011 already!
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    FL - Bahia Honda

    Good point about the access / backing. I hadn't thought of that. Fortunately I am very maneuverable with my rig being hitched to a smaller tv. RD, what are you camping in (pup or tent?) when you go in Sept? For one group of sites (bayside) your car needs to be 6'-8" or less to get under a...
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    FL - Bahia Honda

    Thanks, that would be great, thanks for the offer... 14-ft has to be wrong, I mean my Honda Odyssey is probably 16-ft long by itself, and that is not a long vehicle. A standard parking space is 19 to 20-ft long! The google aerial photo shows two cars parked on the site with room to spare, and...
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    FL - Bahia Honda

    I just booked site # 72 for the first week in 2011. Calling the office they didn't seem too knowledgable about what would actually fit on the site. The 14-ft long thing has to be a joke - especially after looking at Google maps aerial photo. Looking at the photo above I fell any pop up would...
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    Odyssey towing, with and without wdh - report

    65 feels about right to me in good conditions (no rain, light traffic, flat, straight roads). I will slow down if anything is less than ideal. Generally under these conditions, most traffic is moving 75+mph, including tractor trailers and others who are towing. It is interesting to look at...
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    Odyssey towing, with and without wdh - report

    Just a quick post to say I love my new (to me) weight distributing hitch. Towing my loaded pup without it was not the most fun and I would get some sway around 65 mph. But with the wdh, I have plenty of confidence in the handling of the rig. The difference is really night and day. I ended up...
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    low hitch problems

    Have you looked into getting a weight distributing hitch?
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    Honda Pilot as TV

    I'll weigh in since I have an 05 Odyssey and tow a heavy 12-ft pup with front trunk and slide out. I haven't weighed the loaded pup but it should be close to the 3500 lb gvwr for my pup. On the last trip we had 3 adults and 3 kids in the van, and 3 bikes on the roof of the odyssey. IMHO...