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    Ok Roger, get on that Starlite!

    I'm sure you have moved on from your project, but I think I still have lifts. Canvas is long gone, as is the 84 trailer and stuff...
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    1972 Starcraft Stardust 6 information

    I might be able to help you. Can you tell me how big the box is on your 72 trailer? I took apart a 72 Starlite, and still have the canvas. The canvas was in good shape, and the windows were all clear not cracked, It has been stored indoors the last 2 years now. There were some small pin...
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    1972 Starcraft Starlite 6 Canvas available

    I do still have this. I am curious if you know what size trailer yours is? Measure the length of the body and the width...
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    Attention All Veterans

    1981-2001 US Navy, Retired Naval Weapons Evaluation Facility, USS Okinawa (LPH3), Sub Base Pearl Harbor, Naval Submarine Training Center Pacific, USS Kitty Hawk (CV63), VX9 China Lake
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    Changing hubs on a torsion axle

    Yes, the Jeep shares the common 5x4.5" pattern.
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    Oh no, Roger, what did you do now?

    Thanks! It isn't going to be fancy, but a basic box with benches and storage. While I want to get a new axle under it, I don['t think I can afford that at present, but will swap to 5 lug hubs. Since I want the trailer to sit up off the ground and manage some trails. I want to fit a 235/75R15...
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    Changing hubs on a torsion axle

    Replacement isn't in the budget right now, but is planned. Unless something dropped in my lap. And this is the only marking on the axle. This is the basic plan. There is some cutting of the frame needed.
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    Changing hubs on a torsion axle

    So much for posting in a hurry. I did have a question, without disassembling a hub, is there any way to know the spindle size? I know I looked at replacement hubs last year, but have lost the spindle info I wrote last year. There will be clearance, I am following a plan similar to Silvrzuk77...
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    Oh no, Roger, what did you do now?

    Back on track. Need to redo the sides of the trailer, as they do not fit right, when the trim is put on top, it is wider than the roof. So, I have some work to fix. Giving a lot of thought to making the 1972 aluminum siding fit the 1984 trailer, after I fiberglass the outside. I am looking...
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    Changing hubs on a torsion axle

    1984 StarCraft 16' lightweight trailer. I need to swap the 4 lug hubs for 5 lug 5x4.5" hubs. I need to fit wheels to match my Jeep. And, run 235/75R15 tires. Thanks!
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    Newbies from Kansas

    Welcome from Utah, I am a transplanted Kansas son...
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    Jeep towbar "inspection"???

    I don't remember all models and years covered, but my 95 Grand Cherokee is in the 93-98 group. And I think the 99-04 Grand as well. I think first generation Liberty was as well. Exploding gas tank in rear impact, reminiscent of the Ford Pinto. I have a factory tow package, and might be ok...
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    1972 Starcraft Starlite 6 Canvas available

    I have the canvas from my 1972 Starlite 6 available in the For sale section asking $300 but negotiable. Pictures are in the ad. THis is not in sections but one continuous piece wrapping around the trailer. Should fit any of the 6 series trailers of the 70s...
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    1984 Starcraft Starlite bearing size

    Looking forward to opening the sides of the trailer for bigger tires and fenderwells. thinking about reusing the torsion axle with a 6" spacer, and moving the axle back a bit. Before I take things apart, should I expect a 1 1/16" spindle, or a 1 3/8"?
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    1993 Coleman - Stripped down - custom interior *PICS*

    Liking the storage only idea. My project trailer already had the sides and cables replaced. And I got the cabinet and sink and stove setup. I also like the bunk end for the dogs. I need too use a kennel at night though for the energetic one...
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    Pop up stove directly to LP

    I was giving some similar thought, using the pups 3 burner internal stove, and using it exclusively outside. My Coleman has more output? Sweet! I think my mind is made up, and the Coleman takes up less space. I could use 1 pound tanks or a 20? Yeah...
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    Our summer Project - 1992 Palomino Yearling

    I used to work in a shop that could bend that width and then some. Miss that shop a great deal. Shears and more as well. I have seen one made with wood but the facing the wood with angle iron...
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    Oh no, Roger, what did you do now?

    Sweet. Having such a blank canvas of sorts, I'm looking at any and all ideas right now. Even though I have the cooktop for this trailer, I don't want to cook inside, so it will be put in box to hang outside. Undecided about keeping a sink inside too. I need room for a portapotty as well...