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    Lake Haven RV Park near Indianapolis

    I needed a place to camp for a few days in the Indianapolis area and decided to stay here- the "premier RV park in Indianapolis" as they call themselves. It was a bit different than what I expected but the park has some real nice features. The restroom/shower house/laundry area was without...
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    So, what (new thing) is in your camper?

    What did you buy for your camper to that you wished you would have bought sooner? For me, it was a folding "tailgating" table that I got at Wal-mart. It folds up compactly, is sturdy, and is just the right size for what I need. About $25
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    Help us decide. I want Quicksilver, hubby wants traditional Popup

    Another Quicksilver 6.0 owner chiming in-- all aluminum, lightweight, practically maintenance free, easy to tow with a 4-cylinder vehicle, and it fit in my two-car garage when not in use even with my car and my wife's minivan in the garage. These were the features that sold the qs on me. You...
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    Pla-Mor campground near Bremen

    I camped here recently because it was close by and looked nice. The sites were all grassy and spread out- not sure why I was assigned to a site right next to 2 larger trailers when there were plenty of empty sites all around. Very quiet- some children but no noise issues. The small snack shop...
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    Whats your hometown famous for?

    Notre Dame!
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    This is our little setup

    Looks great! I have a Quicksilver 6.0 (with a bunk only on one end) and really enjoy it. Set up only takes 5 minutes.
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    QuickSilver Campers?

    I concur that the standard mattress on my 2012 QS 6.0 is not as plush as my bed at home so I added a large piece of foam rubber under the mattress and usually unzip a couple of sleeping bags to put on top of the mattress. I put sheets and my electric blanket on top of the sleeping bags. I...
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    First time owner of a tent trailer from Alberta, Canada

    Welcome from South Bend, IN!
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    QuickSilver Campers?

    I own a 2012 6.0 Quicksilver model that I bought used in the fall of 2012 for $4000. I wanted something that I could stand in without hitting my head, something light enough to pull with my 4-cylinder car, something small enough that would fit in my garage (because I did not want to pay to...
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    Bass Lake State Beach Campground

    I decided to give this campground another try- sorry that I did. The campground is just plain trashy. Empty plastic bottles and litter were all over. The bathhouse was filthy and the water was not working in the sinks. Additionally, several of the water spigots throughout the cg were not...
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    Naming your "Vessel" (PUP)

    "mobile man cave"
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    How does water usually get in??

    I have a 2012 Livin Lite Quicksilver 6.0 trailer that features an all-aluminum bottom with a canvas top that folds out producing a queen-sized bunk on one end only (it looks like half pup when set up). I've camped during several thunderstorms and have never had a drop of rain inside.
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    2015 - Indiana Dunes Rally

    I live in South Bend and would be interested. In fact I camped at Indiana Dunes last week for a couple of nights and had a good, restful time.
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    Please, please, please...enough snow.

    We have received about 100 inches of snow so far for the season in northern IN. My POP is safe and snug in the garage, though.
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    Is a collapsible canopy worth it?

    I bought an 8x10 one from Big Lots for only $59 and it has held up well
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    Who has a tent-trailer type camper rather than a full popup?

    I have a Quicksilver 6.0 made by Livin Lite. It's great. I usually camp alone and can get it all set up in 10 min or less.
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    Manatee Springs Update

    I live in northern IN, but my wife has relatives near Chiefland and we have been to Manatee many times. It's a great place to visit- well worth the time.
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    Apple Butter Time!

    I live in northern IN just south of the MI border and apples are plentiful in the area. I cook them down in a large pot on the stove and use the crock pot for the slow cook to get the consistency just right. I have three dozen jars of apple butter in the pantry and will use much of them for gifts.
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    Where to keep trailer registration card??

    I only have one TV so that's where I keep my PUP registration. (I do keep a photocopy in my safe.)