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    How do you run your refridgerator while in tow ?

    I personally wouldn't run my fridge on propane while traveling... I just heard of a camper burning down while it was on the road, I wondered if propane was the cause. Moving or not, the propane should be safe but you never know. I just pre-chill the fridge on A/C, and plug back in on site...
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    Swapping hitch for added TW and load distrib sway control

    I have a heavy highwall popup, with some weight, and I wouldn't recommend towing with that. IMHO. You be surprised how the weights adds up, on the wheels and the tongue.
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    Just booked a week at Fort Wilderness Campground at Disney for Christmas 2010

    We just got back from Disney, it was awesome. And insane, I need a vacation after that vacation. We didn't do Fort Wilderness, but that's our plan next time. As others have said, check out Mickey's Very Merry Christmas!! You buy these special tickets, and they give you an arm band. You...
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    towing mpg help

    What does 5-10 mpg matter in the end IMHO? If you want to get incredible MPG stay at home! Just get out there enjoy camping and keep the wife happy.
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    just curious, how many of you........

    IMHO... It's unnecessary to warm up modern cars for the purposes of engine health, under normal weather conditions anyway. Below freezing I would give it a few seconds, and then avoid highway speeds for a couple minutes.
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    GRR stinkin' darkside calling already

    We used a popup for a few years... I'd like to go on longer and further trips, wife doesn't dig being in the popup for more then 3-4 days. So we will one day be going to the darkside (1-2 years)... Really like the keystone laredo 29BHS... Quad bunks in the back (4 kids), and a queen bed in...
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    Trailer was moved while open.

    Maybe but it sounds like with these "characters" they would have dragged it out with the safety chains. That's a crazy story... Wish you luck fixing it.
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    a biggie!

    Looks like a photoshop to me, but who knows. Shadows just look funny/odd...
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    Water Heater Pilot will not stay lit

    Almost sounds like a bad thermocouple, but I would think the pilot light would die as soon as you released the button when lighting. That's a strange one...
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    Adding battery- Is locating battery inside a good idea?

    I wouldn't do it myself... Would you place a battery and charger under the bed in your house? That's better left outside in IMHO...
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    HELP....Need your suggestions or opinion on winterizing my pop-up

    If your keeping it in an attached garage is debatable if you even need to winterize. Up north I leave soda's, water, in my garage over the winter and they have never froze. Very cold but not frozen. You certainly could winterize as you listed but it's using more RV antifreeze then you need...
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    AAAHHHH....Please help!!!!!

    You really aren't giving us much information to help... And if you don't like things breaking camping (and boating for that matter) may be a poor choice of hobbies. [;)] If it can go wrong it will go wrong, and at the worst time. For your plug if it attaches to your car, you should be...
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    can you help?

    I've found Jeep's pretty lacking in the tow department... And they have such a short wheelbase. You could easily run into a situation were the tail is wagging the dog. As other have stated don't worry with the dry weight, use the trailer's GVWR (gross weight). You would be surprised...
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    Dri-Z-Air - Does anyone us it?

    Just don't ever spill the water it collects... Nasty stuff.
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    what should I do?

    [?:~{] [?:~{] [?:~{]
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    The Skinny On Some Of The Innerworkings Within The PA Park System

    Interesting read, I'm also in PA. PA has a great SP system, but sometimes I question there spending. I agree about the pools, I'm not sure if high cost (both maintenance and legal) is a good investment. We don't go camping to go in a pool, but have used the lake's with a beach setup...
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    very confused???

    Seems to me a previous owner didn't want to deal with a brake controller or a 7 pin connector. Cut the old one off, and wired in a 4 pole style on the trailer. The blue wire is generally for brakes. Surge brakes you see more on boat trailers. I believe you can spot them cause they will...
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    So how many of you actually take your pups off road?

    How do you find these places to camp? Looks cool. Are you on private property or larger state parks? I've always been interested in getting out of the camp ground, but just don't know where to start. Not sure wife would be cool with it though... [:D] I'm in south central PA... Any tips?
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    Fresh water tank purification

    I drain after every trip, and sanitize the tank every spring. I just use the bleach/water method as other have stated. Run it through the system let it sit for an hour or so, then flush out 2-3 times. I never noticed a bleach smell after doing this... Your warning may have faded away... But...