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    OK I have to give kudos to Walmart Customer service

    Regarding the Fed Ex tracker....last November I ordered a remote control helicopter from Amazon for my kid's birthday. I saw that it was picked up by Fed Ex, but then nothing. It just disappeared. When I called Fed Ex they told me it was probably taken by a worker and never made it onto the...
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    What do you think?

    Ohhhhhh, that's nice! I looked it up on Youtube. Looks like there is plenty of sleeping space. The sofa turns into a bed, right? Plus the dinette and the bunks. And I like the standing shower! Ya'll are going to be so comfy on your next trip!!! Good for you! :) :) :)
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    What do you think?

    The Keystone Bullet 284RL is BEAUTIFUL! The DH and I were soooo tempted to buy it, but we passed. The quality is great and it feels like luxury. We also found a nice KZ Sportsman with rear living that has the same layout and is less expensive. Again we passed...
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    camping dog

    This is Tucker. He loves camping, as long as he doesn't have to get in the water...Unfortunately for him, we love the water!
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    Worst Trip Ever?

    WOW! Well, I'm so impressed that you still had a great time! That says ALOT about you. Instead of whining and moaning, you went about the business of having fun. Good for you!! :)
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    can we still be friends???

    Watch it garzanium! I know what your pup looks like!!! It IS a house on wheels, isn't it? We fell in LOVE with a Keystone bullet that was almost 30K, but that was just ridiculous. We just couldn't bring ourselves to spend that kind of money. I want to spend our camping $$ on gas (well, not...
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    Too much money!

    I agree! We camped once at the KOA at South Padre and LOVED IT, but it was expensive. I'm used to camping for $15/night at the state parks. I've attempted to book at the KOA since then, but every time I get to the payment screen, I back out. I always feel angry at them when I see how much it costs.
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    can we still be friends???

    Well, I've gone to the dark side..... [:O] I love love LOVE my pup, but am tired of the set up/take down. And now that the girl is off at college and the boy is glued to his stupid Xbox, I told DH it was time for us to splurge on us. (happy wife = happy life, right?) Yea me! The irony is that...
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    First post!Starcraft 2009 2409 and my 2005 Tacoma

    OHHHHH! I am SOO HAPPY you are happy! It feels so sad seeing its empty space in the garage. It really was like sending a kid off to college or something. Jeff knew once you drove off that the pressure was ON! He had to get me a replacement before I starting acting menopausal. Happy wife = happy...
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    Worst SPUT ever!

    So, I guess that means you didn't go camping... [:O] That's TERRIBLE and I am so glad no one got hurt.
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    Texas This link goes into more detail about Bastrop. I work in the Texas Medical Center in Houston and when I drove in today there is a big blanket of smoke sitting on top of the medical center. It smells like something around the corner...
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    This just came across in the Texas Parks and Wildlife newsletter. Only 100 acres of Bastrop SP has survived. It's devastating.... see full text below: "Wildfires Rage across Texas The Texas wildfire news continues to be horrific and heartbreaking. Bastrop State Park, known for its famous...
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    This is a terrible situation. Texas is sooo dry. My grass crunches. Concrete is cracking. Even my house is settling at a quicker rate. It's really bad. And the fire is 0% contained in Bastrop.....Bastrop SP is one of my favorites. This is a really sad situation. Please please please pray for...
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    Thinking that we might not be puppers for much longer

    I understand what you are saying. Setting up and tearing down is A LOT of work, especially during Texas summers when it's 105 degrees. I love love love our pup, but told my DH that if he gets hit by a beer truck I'm gonna trade the pup in for a TT. There is just no way I could do all the set...
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    POLL What are your plans for Memorial Weekend

    Guadalupe River State Park!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There's a drought and a burn ban, but we'll be there!
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    It's All About the Food

    We do our best eating when we camp! The sad part about that statement is: at home I'm the cook, but when we camp mama's off duty. What does that tell you? [:O]
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    Is there an age requirement?

    I don't see any reason to be offended. I would feel more confused than offended b/c it's not clear what he's referring to. My first thought was that he figured you've probably got an RV of some sort and the PUP is a fond memory. People who don't love PUPS just think of them as "starters". I...
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    2011 Texas Rally - June 17,18,19

    I don't idea..........with that swanky kitchen ya'll have in your pup I say ya'll make dinner for us! [2C] [:)O]
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    2011 Texas Rally - June 17,18,19

    Does anyone have one of those bean bag games? I want one....maybe I'll get one for Mother's Day!!! Phil, I'm gonna be practicing my ladder golf so you best be prepared to cry like a little girl...