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    help with "hot skin? power running through frame of camper

    i do believe that it is an open neutral or ground circuit. i am just not sure where to start looking for issues here!! the voltage is AC. also, when i unplug it the problem goes away (confirming that its an AC problem) i am check from the trailer to the earth itself. yea, we really like the...
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    help with "hot skin? power running through frame of camper

    well first off i have a confession to make... we joined the dark side [V] [V] [HYC] [PUT] that being said, we already have an issue and this is the only forum im sort of established on so I am hoping for some help! When I bought the camper the initial problem was that with any extension cord I...
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    Florida Fall Rally 2012 - O'Leno S.P.

    2 DA WDS, KDUGAN.... i hate you both and i am very disappointed to become aquainted with you over the weekend... [}:)] [}:)] [LOL]
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    Florida Fall Rally 2012 - O'Leno S.P.

    all you thursday arrivers/monday departers make me sick!!!! go somewhere else and quit bragging lol question from anyone that has been there. I am looking at pics on google earth of the river and it looks like it could be descent from some wading/stream style flyfishing (for small bass and...
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    roof rebuild help

    i can only help with a couple of your questions. in regards to the weight, i do not know what your current roof weighs or what the new one will but if you find the manual for the trailer (can typically get one online, on this site) it will likely tell you how much extra weight the roof can...
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    Florida Fall Rally 2012 - O'Leno S.P.

    well after a while of throwing it around, the wife and i decided that we will be attending. this will be our first rally so im excited to meet some of yall. you can put us down for collard greens on saturday. we are in site 56. as of just now only 8 is still available. we are also bringing the...
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    Universal Studios - Campground?

    fort wilderness really is an experience of its own. dont be intimidated that you have to go to the parks either. lots and lots to do outside the parks, at other hotels or within fort wilderness. im actually going there weekend after next...
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    96 Starcraft roof repair

    thanks for the replies and the excellent tips to get me started. looks like i have more rotten wood fun ahead (have replaced two boat transoms already and I am currently restoring a paramount that needs floors, stringers and transom due to rot)
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    96 Starcraft roof repair

    up to the top for you because i have basically the same question [:(O]
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    Tarping a pup

    i know this thread is a couple of weeks old,but here is some food for thought. i KNOW that must have been a headache to go through and deal with, and would not wish it on ANYONE. however, wouldnt your rather find out that your new camper has a leak now, while under warranty, then to cover it and...
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    Camping and Mamatee interactions around Homosassa / Crystal River

    its really the wrong time of year to have much luck with manatees here. that being said, i have never been on a guided trip so i cant speak first hand to their abilities/antics! i have been to american pro for snorkeling gear and they are HIGHLY recommened in that areana, if their guides are...
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    anyone ever add a permanent gray water tank?

    90% of our trips are just two or three days so a 20-30gal built in tank would be plenty, and so much more hassle free when compared to the 6 gal tanks i use now...i wouldnt tow with it full so it will not affect weight distribution by more than the empty weight
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    our first trip... paynes prairie in gainesville with pics

    we had a good first trip. we stayed in CG back yard a couple of weekends ago as practice. this was the first one with all the animals and full setup. BAL leveler is sweet, i now see what the hype is about. valuable lessons learned: bring big trash bags to consolidate small (3 gal) trash bags...
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    how often do you camp?

    not how many days per year, but how often?? we have a trip planned this weekend and another one for the 24-26. we just got our pup a week and a half ago, but i feel like we are slacking!! [LOL]
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    Our First trip with the pop up.

    in regards to the a/c leak it may be worth checking it out before getting the gasket. when i bought my pup i was luck to notice that the a/c was a little crooked once i got home. i pulled the inside panel down and could see light through one of the back corners. i just loosened the bolts...
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    Any Pentax DSLR users? don't overlook a Pentax

    ill bring this one up from the dead on more time... i have a pentax kx with about 15 or so lenses, most being older takumar lenses. i am working my way to having more limiteds though. these were both shot with a 21mm limited