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  1. Volly

    2022 aliner interior lights

    Do this: get some black paint and paint over the LED. Or use black electrical tape. I've done this trick and it is simple but effective
  2. Volly

    Roof Repair or Rebuild?

    OK, lets deal with the roof first. That isn't hard at all to fix. What you see as layers of wood is just 5mil plywood. behind it is a stick frame. In tackling it, I would go from above first to remove the roof skin and to fix the framing. It is easier for if you go below first, you will have to...
  3. Volly

    Roof Repair or Rebuild?

    I tried to look at the pictures you posted but I don't have permission to see them.
  4. Volly

    Roof Repair or Rebuild?

    This is a restoration I did to a popup a while back. It was lots of fun looking back on it.
  5. Volly

    Roof Repair or Rebuild?

    Happy to help you. With your popup and from what you have said so far, here is what I would do: Can you post pictures of the inside, outside, and underneath please? More is better. It would give me a better idea what you are dealing with. I'm looking at pictures of one in another post...
  6. Volly


    I had to restore a popup for a customer and for the vinyl I found a repair kit. Theirs had a couple of holes in it. Worked like a charm.
  7. Volly

    Just Re-furbished Our 1999 Starcraft Stardust.....YouTube Presentation

    Understand there are still studies going on if vaccinated can you still spread the Covid-19 virus and it's variants. Early results says you won't HOWEVER that does NOT mean a certainty. Also we do NOT know how long the vaccine last. Please look here for more information...
  8. Volly

    AC in HOT weather

    I have several suggestions on getting the temperature down WITHOUT replacing the unit. Clean the unit. By far the easiest thing you can do is clean it so the coils can properly work. If you have a source of water - add a mister to...
  9. Volly

    How do you camp?

    I camp by hiding in a big bush in my T95 Super heavy tank and snip other players tanks. They can't see me and get to camp and shoot....until somebody proximate spots me and arty drops shells on top of me. Sorry - had to do a World of Tanks joke.
  10. Volly

    Help- 87 Starcraft star mate winch not engaging

    The high stop nut is in the wrong place. You will see two collars on a threaded rod. Those are the high and low stop nuts. Now saying this, you may have turned that rod so that the stop plate is in the wrong position. Look at this picture of mine. When you have the cables out to the spot I have...
  11. Volly

    Mourning the death of our PUP

    I just looked at the pictures. That trailer is NOT difficult to fix. In fact it could be fixed in a few hours with some steel and welding. The dealer said 7K? He is full of it. He is trying to sell you a new PUP. What part of the country are you in? If you are in Virginia, you could get it to me...
  12. Volly

    Weird situation with door frame

    Mark, check the hinges to the door and make sure they are not bent. That would cause this problem. When you check - look at the lower door when closed and see if it is seated at each corner vs the door jam the same. I'd also check the seals on the lower door. May I make one other suggestion -...
  13. Volly

    2006-7 Fleetwood Americana Series Bayside-need help with cable length

    Questions and thoughts: when you go under the camper, do you see the cables separated by turnbuckles? If yes, then that is good. It will make things easier. If no, then you may have to disassemble the lift to unhook the cable from one end and from the crank at the other end. To get the...
  14. Volly

    Help- 87 Starcraft star mate winch not engaging

    I had to rebuild one a couple of months ago. Here is the thread where you can get the manual to the Shelby lift unit. BTW - the company that makes it is no longer in business. I had to manufacturer a part to fix mine. To remove the Shelby unit: Remove from the end of the crank arm the stop...
  15. Volly

    1998 Starcraft

    I used the grommet kit from HarborFreight. My only pet peeve is I wish there was a hand tool that one could crimp the grommet. MY only option was to make a jig that held the strike pin and press plate so I could use a big c-clamp. It worked but it was a pain. I'd also had to sew back together...
  16. Volly

    Weird situation with door frame

    I had to deal with this problem. Here are the troubleshooting steps I did to fix mine: ( I had several things I had to fix) Verify the lifting cables are lifting the roof to the correct height AND the roof at the door has the same measurement from top to bottom on both sides of the door. You...
  17. Volly

    Dealing With Prejudices While Camping

    Simple suggestion: Why don't you camp in your yard so he can see how it is like, and if there is any issues, it is easy to fix.
  18. Volly

    Unzipping the window - and what do I with the material so it doesn't get in the way?

    When unzipping the canvas and vinyl to let the breeze in, tying off the material in a roll isn't an option on this 98 Starcraft. (no tie downs and adding them means they get wet all the time and quickly fail) My client tried using Velcro but that is a bit unsightly. What do you do so that the...
  19. Volly

    Just Re-furbished Our 1999 Starcraft Stardust.....YouTube Presentation

    I just finished restoring a 98 Starcraft yesterday. I"m delivering it to my client at noon today and plan to do a reveal like they do on Holmes on Homes. I plan to video it as well. This should be fun. I've been posting here on my progress. I didn't do as a deep dive as you did (yours looks...
  20. Volly

    1998 Starcraft

    The restoration is done. A few pictures for you to enjoy.