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  1. jnc

    My boondock

    The view from Pittsford VT. Boondock on the mountain.
  2. jnc

    Roof top AC on it's side????

    I have a Roof top Air conditioner that I was thinking of mounting in the interior door to the front storage trunk after it is removed. Will the AC work on it's side??
  3. jnc

    2000 Coleman Ground wire?

    I believe that I have a Bad ground on the Driving lights. I am hoping someone could tell me where it is located?
  4. jnc

    Stolen From George Carlin in the absence of Nineoaks

    The real reason that we can't have the Ten Commandments in a courthouse: You cannot post Thou shalt not steal Thou shalt not commit adultery Thou shalt not lie in a building full of lawyers, judges, and politicians. Because It creates a hostile work environment.
  5. jnc

    How to Us a Smoker with a side Firebox?

    I was gifted a smoke that looks like this. And Dont want to join a BBQ forum because I trust that I will find the info I need right here on the Portal. I'm not looking for recipes I want to know more about using the Firebox. Like How much wood does it take, Do you start with charcoal than add...
  6. jnc

    I miss nineoks2004's / Rookie Cop & a Biker

    A rookie police officer pulled a biker over for speeding and had the following exchange: • Officer: May I see your driver's license? • Biker: I don't have one. I had it suspended when I got my 5th DUI. • Officer: May I see the owner's card for this vehicle? • Biker: It's not my bike. I stole it...
  7. jnc

    Best bike mod ever

    This has to be the best bike mod ever!
  8. jnc

    2011 Rockwood Roo 17 ??

    I saw this on CL and I am thing this is right up my alley and would have me seeing the Gray side sooner than anticipated. I am wondering anyone has had one. Are they built well/ What are the faults? Please give me the Good the Bad and the ugly info. Thanks...
  9. jnc

    I found this and just had to share it here.

    I'm sorry the pic did not lost but if you click on facebook you will get to see one cool camper.
  10. jnc

    Trophy points?

    I just noticed that when you click on a user's name tag on the bottom of the postcard there are these Trophy points. My question is what are they and how do you earn them?
  11. jnc

    The new look

    I like the new look of the Portal. Its was little challenging to find my way around at first and every post is a new post so I lost a few treads I was following. I wont complain because now you can deside if you want to keep up with a tread or not and we finally have a LIKE button. many...
  12. jnc

    How much should my roof weight?

    I have a 2000 Coleman Mesa that is very hard to lift up. I have clean and greased everything. This did lessen the strain on the crank but I think the roof my be water logged. I am wondering if anybody here knows what it should weight & Also if anyone has drained one how did they go about it.
  13. jnc

    reservered site available for North East PA Rally June 17-19

    I know this is last minute but I was in denile about making the rally. If anybody wants to go to this rally and camp in the same area as most of the portal folks I have site 100 reserved for june 16-20. Just IM me and we can work it out .
  14. jnc


    I just need to remind folks that a simple thing like closing the latch on the hitch after you hook up is not to be forgotten. These pictures will show you just how lucky I was to be on the driveway leaving camp this past weekend.Thanks to the safty chains I only poked holes in the storage box...
  15. jnc

    POLL / PETS do you camp with or without them

    After reading a tread today I noticed the I am not alone in my decision to leave my dogs at home when we go camping. So I now post the question the the portal do you take them or leave them?
  16. jnc

    my setup

    This is my boondock camp site in Vermont
  17. jnc

    can you put a 4wheeler on the roof

    I was just wondering what the weight capacity of the roof is. I have seen many things tied to the top of popups and thought it would be great if I can put my 4wheeler up there.
  18. jnc

    new to popups

    Hi I am Jimmy C from New Hampshire. I am very happy to have found this group. It has already saved me so much headache. I was give the popup with a broken crank,to many holes,no owners manual and no clue of where to start. I luck out when searching how to fix the crank I found you guy's. Thanks...