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  1. jnc

    ATV or powered trailer dolly to park camper?

    I've hauled both my Pups with an Suzuki king quad its only a 300.
  2. jnc

    June 2022 - what did you do for your camper this month?

    Had to sell the TV last month & gave away the Pup to a new home today. I will miss them both. I would like to thank NH-popper's for the 6 good years we had with this camper.
  3. jnc

    Need help with bed slides

    I'm pretty sure Jkoht is describing what your issue is. Good Luck.
  4. jnc

    So...hard to crank. A way to lube before I try again?

    Here's a helpful link for ya.
  5. jnc

    Fridge replacement advice requested

    Sometimes those old fridges need to be tipped upside down for a day or so to re mix the gasses inside. and a side not is they dont make any noise when running.
  6. jnc

    2-3 inches from top, just stops?

    This may help a bit. If you look where the cables go into the frame there is an adjustment for when the cables get stretched. And the spreader bar with all the cables should go all the way to the Stop Nut.
  7. jnc

    Repair or replace 2000 Coleman Bayside Elite

    There are many treads on repairing the ABS roof. Not really a Hard Job and Still Cheaper than buying a new camper.
  8. jnc

    Anyone revert back to tents?

    I still use my Tents once in a while. I have a 2 man for trips without the DW and we still use the House tent When we goto Summer Time Lawn Party's.
  9. jnc

    Coleman CartCat Heater

    I would not worry about using it in a Pup. I was once caught in a deep freeze while camping in our Mesa. I had the furnace 2 burners on the stove and a Buddy heater going for 2 hrs before I had to shut down the stove. And that was with every opening covered with blankets or Duct tape. Air Flow...
  10. jnc

    1971 Coleman 581...what's my ceiling made of?

    I think it is ABS like the outside.
  11. jnc

    Swing galley help

    yes you are missing a lot of stuff! Do you live anywhere close to New Hampshire cuz I have everything you need and have no use for it!
  12. jnc

    Camping gear

    That was very generous & kind of you! Thanks for being a great Human!
  13. jnc

    Is my camper broken?

    Help will be along shortly. All I can add is that I have heard that when cranking a power lift by hand it does take forever. Someone with more knowledge of the power lift will know more.
  14. jnc

    Pup back up lights

    There are States like New Hampshire that dont inspect Trailers rated under a certain weight. In NH anything under 3500 Lbs dont have to have any lights as long as it dont block the TV lights.
  15. jnc

    Door gaskets seals
  16. jnc

    How do you use/repurpose the other bed when you only travel as a couple

    We throw the mattress on our side and like others use it for our luggage & extra gear
  17. jnc

    How are you preventing theft? (my sad story inside)

    I like to set the stabilizer jacks out. I know this will only slow them down but it has been enuff to keep it in my driveway for 5 years now.
  18. jnc

    Outside light hook, tried anyway.

    I'm with Snow get the metal one and it will work as planed.
  19. jnc

    Dont do this!

    Good Luck
  20. jnc

    Door Retainers (at roof)

    I know its a bit different but here's one