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  1. rabird

    Creepy RV dealers wait to inform owners of recall!

    Eight RV manufacturers, 37 models and 22,021 RVs from model years 2021 and 2022 have dangerous RV cracked and porous LP gas fittings that can lead to a fire, and they don’t know it. Worse yet, almost all of the RV factories say they will not send notices to tell dealers or the public about it...
  2. rabird

    Try a Music Fest

    I enjoy them. After spending a few days at one in Luckenbach, TX I made my way to College Station, TX (Gig 'em), @ the local busy Sams getting gas the one hired hand called my trailer a deer hunter special!
  3. rabird

    caster wheel 'towing'

    Kia Soul (grey not a pure white soul) double caster wheel setup for 'hover round' I prefer the double tow
  4. rabird

    micro-air Install was easy as I let a friend do it and let him complain of kneesles. He agonized over cable management!! We even open the cover on...
  5. rabird

    1988 FunLite by Hi-Lo

    Picked it up today, shame the frig was replaced with electric. Gravity furnace with pilot. AC, water heater, shower and toilet. Needs TLC.
  6. rabird


    I think ice makes better insulation than an igloo cooler.
  7. rabird

    phase change liquid level

  8. rabird

    Exchange so easy

    Where or where did this ole propane container come from, re-qualified "14E". Its 7 mile round trip - out of the way today - for $3.99/gal + tax, pay by the gallon Neighborhood grocery store 1 mile round trip for $4.05/gal + tax, exchange Exchange yielded a 3-17 made container with 15 lb of...
  9. rabird

    $179 Solar Cynergy 160 Watt Foldable 12 Volt Solar Panel no info on the 15A controller
  10. rabird

    anyone measure tongue weight off level?

    I remember ~5 lbs different up 2" and down 2" form level. This was ~240 lb TW, guessing trailer weighed 1800 lbs. 5 lbs is only .28% of 1800 5 lbs is only 2.1% of 240 lbs
  11. rabird

    30 days in the hole

    30 days in the hole, guilty for towing a trailer connected by others that comes loose and kills. - missing pin clip and one chain! 'The driver of the tow vehicle, 25-year-old Amanda Engelhart, pleaded guilty to careless driving and unsafe equipment. She spent 30 days in jail.' ' Engelhart bore...
  12. rabird

    battery cost/yr.

    8/05, sears finest 24M, out the door $67.94 I've always used 7 yr life but records indicate 8, I'll go with 7 for this calculation since it likely wasn't up to snuff for much furnace use. $67.94 / 7 = $9.71 / yr. Batt was replaced 10/13 and sold 4/14.
  13. rabird

    WFCO confirms

    WFCO confirms limitations, 1st stage not used/"rare".
  14. rabird

    Hear, hear (electric cowboy)

    E C, Hear, hear on your invitation to all to consider boondocking. I enjoy the smiles when someone finds a small piece of their inner McGiver. Inviting all to have a Merry Christmas and adventure galore.
  15. rabird

    LED Bug light

    years ago I bough 3 x amber 36 led pcb, amber by mistake till I used em. One I gave away, one went in the porch light and one in the ceiling light on the guest end of the PU. Perfect camping ambiance. Bright enough to play cards but not to destroy ones night vision too much! Love 'em.
  16. rabird


    Another poll!
  17. rabird

    Registry messed up?

    So when I click on Chrome the new window opens and is mostly off the screen. Yes, I can grab it, slide it into place or maximized it but it last placement ain't being saved. This is relatively new but have been having a similar issue opening tax doc .pdf files while at a web site, the new...
  18. rabird

    Battery engineer posts,

    My favorite retired battery guru often is obtuse but occasionally comes clean! When he posts, I read, often get a good laugh and some knowledge. Not likely to follow this one to the tee, especially for <$100 battery!! Some one was worried about battery damage in storage. That followed...
  19. rabird

    funny symbols

    They funny symbols work in preview (including modify and quote) but not in a post! £ and many others!