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  1. Arruba

    Dealer Markup in Your State

    This came across my news feed the other day. With the forum discussion on the Ford Maverick and the cover photo being a Maverick, I got sucked in. Spoiler Alert, it’s not really about the Maverick. I found it kinda interesting anyway...
  2. Arruba

    Oregon Profiting Off Out of Staters.

    Interesting approach to tourism: For those who don’t read through legalese regularly, the summary is the State of Oregon is going to set a 25% “surcharge” for Out of State campers at State run campgrounds. This was started...
  3. Arruba

    The Evil "I WON XYZ" Takeover or Spam Stuff

    I just had a "Congratulations Your Phone is Today's Winner of a $1000 Gift Card" takeover of my browser while perusing the New Posts section. While the same type of takeover I experienced awhile back along with others, this one had a different look. Hope you launch your kill bot after it soon.
  4. Arruba

    Floor Undercoating

    Ok, my carefree pop and camp days are over. I have to do some work on my camp trailer. What needs worked on is as follows: 1984 Viking Saga 17 I caught one of the light wires underneath on something and broke it. While under the trailer I noticed the coating coming off the plywood in a...
  5. Arruba

    Good Evening All

    Looking forward to using this Forum to feed my emerging addiction to pop up camp trailers and help moderate my other addiction to pop up truck campers [}:)]. I recently purchased a Viking Little Gasser. It was a donation trailer to raise money for the Oregon Humane Society I bought from an on...