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    She wins!

    I like to see someone beat this diy. Clever Camping Kitchen in a Suitcase
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    New information to an old problem

    I know I have posted this before but I have new info that may allow "listeners" to help determine that cause(s) and fixes(s). My right trailer brake on pup only hums when connected to tv power and brakes activated from the van. However, when it is directly connected to a 12v battery (to wires...
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    How test brakes without TV?

    Anybody have a simple way of activating trailer brakes without having to hook up my van?
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    Stupid is stupid does

    Here is a fyi for people wondering why your furnace will not work. If you open your trailer in your garage you may notice that you can not raise it all the way up due to the height of your garage. Well...I tried to get my furnace to work but it would not ignite. Hmm...then after much...much...
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    Guage ponder

    What guage is the trailer brake wire that hangs under the axle connecting the brakes?
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    Ideas and suggestions appreciated

    Just picked up my trailer and noticed the digital read out on the brake controller seems normal. Regular readings. But...when I activate the manual lock on it...nothing happens. The trailer wheels don't stop or even slow down. Ideas? Oh ya..trailer lights work.
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    FYI and "Wow"

    like this quote from the article... "At 930,000 kilometres, I think it’s just getting broken in. "
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    A good deal?

    Item: new 17 inch Blackstone griddle with lid cost: $230 (about $180 American) Canadian funds eh. Would you go for it?
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    On a quest

    Where can a person find a cast iron pan with a wooden handle? I have had one for decades and it is past its prime.
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    Who can do this mod?

    How can we do this to a popup?
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    Just a good story

    Read and enjoy....
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    No ignition

    Here is my scenario... Friday night the furnace worked. Saturday night it stormed as bad as you could ever imagine. I was wondering if trailers float. Anyhow, tried to use furnace in starts but i hear no spark clicking. Lots of propane. Could the huge rain cause an ignition...
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    Brake test without tv

    How can I test if my trailer brakes are properly functioning/ connected to my 7 pin tv connector without using a tow vehicle?
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    Break wiring guidance

    We did our traditional Fathers' Day Camping trip last weekend. Like tradition, it rained. But so what. However, I had a new, hopefully not new tradition begin where the engine light came on, flat tire, and the break cable wiring (I assume its wiring for the brakes) that is attached between...
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    Camping Idea/Excuse/Reason

    A great idea for the dad's out there. For the past several Father's Day(s)...a group of 4 to 6 dads for this special weekend have taken their kids camping. Rule #1 - No mom's allowed. The dynamics are very different due to this rule. Yes, it turns a little into the "Lord of the Flies"...
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    "Do I have toooo?"

    I want to transport a canoe on top of my tent trailer. I also don't have and don't want a rack on the trailer. I was planning on using pool noodles and ratchet straps. I saw some peeps put a ratchet strap through the noodle as well as over the canoe. Is the strap through the noodle necessary?
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    Propane inverter generators...who knew.

    I didn't know they existed. With a group 27, 12 v battery...lets say down to 50% charge. How long would it take a Ryobi ( 900 w inverter generator (propane powered) to bring back my battery to 100%. I get a...
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    Stop motion movie of a camper van build

    For your interest...
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    "Show me the $$$" Opinions?
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    Hug your campsite booking

    Camping life in Alberta has become very difficult this week. Alberta parks opened up camping booking this week. 3 of us tried to get a site in southern alberta with power. 3 if us could not get a site for May long weekend. The stats were: In 2020...10000 bookings In 2021....24000 bookings...