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  1. Storm Trooper

    Retired and back

    Well, it’s been awhile and a few changes as you can see from my signature line. I am full timing it in my Laredo. For the first time in my life I am not going to see snow or cold in the winter! I’m currently in the Southern California desert and enjoying every day in the 70’s in December. Hope...
  2. Storm Trooper

    SAE j2807 Towing standard

    Vehicles and their maximum towing capacity when properly equipped meeting the SAE standard J2807 Pickups Vehicle Maximum weight SAE Frontal area limits Website link Unused 2015 Chevrolet 1500 12,000 lbs none listed Chevrolet Guide 2015 Ford F150...
  3. Storm Trooper

    Article from Consumer reports on Auto Oil in 1996

    Consumer Reports:Truth Motor Oils- July 1996 + The surprising truth about motor oils July 1996, pp 10-13 Our 4-1/2-million-mile test with a fleet of New York City taxicabs turned some conventional wisdom on its head. Mobil commercial claims its oil "has been in more Indy 500 winners than any...
  4. Storm Trooper

    Need or Want to clean your tenting? PRELIMINARY

    Comments are appreciated!!!! Need or Want to clean your tenting? First, we need to know what type of tenting it is. There is : 1) Sunbrella is used by Coleman/Fleetwood/Somerset and 2011 and Later Keystone Passport Hybrids. 1a) Evolution was used on the older Coleman/Fleetwood pups 2) Aqualon...
  5. Storm Trooper

    2013-2014 IIHS crash ratings on full size pickups

    Very interesting.
  6. Storm Trooper

    That poor El camino

  7. Storm Trooper

    2014 - Mystic Summer Rally - Discussion Thread/Attractions

    Old Mystic, CT Seaport Resort won the poll. 7/24 to 7/27/2014 Thurs to Sunday Just got off the phone with Sun Resorts, new owners of Seaport CG. We have an excellent rate for water/electric of $35 per night - They would like a minimum...
  8. Storm Trooper

    Prayers for peteacher and family

    Martha (peteacher) a very dear friend here on PUP passed away yesterday after fighting a devastating battle with cancer. Her bright smile and effervescent attitude will be missed by those who had the pleasure of knowing her. Please say a prayer for her and her husband Don. May her memory be...
  9. Storm Trooper

    Words fail me...

  10. Storm Trooper


    I used to be able to log into horde for Now that the server has changed, will there be new setting to get into webmail or is that gone?
  11. Storm Trooper

    Jeep recalls 2.7 million vehicles for at risk fire - Grand Cherokees & Libertys

    The recall covers Jeep Grand Cherokees from model years 1993 through 2004 and Jeep Libertys from 2002 through 2007. Here: Read more...
  12. Storm Trooper

    Moderator guidlines from another site

    This came from a ford truck website and each mod signature had a link to this section. Thought you would find it interesting...
  13. Storm Trooper

    GPS for RV's

    You can buy a GPS that is made for RVing. The advantage in most cases is that you can program, height, weight, length of your RV. Most will also let you program that you carry propane onboard for those routes that may limit it. IE: tunnels, bridges, etc. They do cost more, but are also usually...
  14. Storm Trooper

    Rally Banner Rotation

    Steve, I am not seeing either of the banners for Boston or RI rallies. They are not coming up every 10 times as I thought you said they would. I've seen one since I talked with you after pressing refresh about 30 times. Lou
  15. Storm Trooper

    Honda Pilot and Odyssey Airbag problem recall

    We have a lot of Honda and Odyssey owners here, so I thought I'd post this notice of a recall on airbags possibly not deploying. 748,000 vehicles are being recalled.
  16. Storm Trooper

    checkout my rig locked???

    Checkout my rig topic. Is there a reason this one is locked? Someone has started one in the Tow vehicles section and I'd like to move them to checkout my rig.
  17. Storm Trooper

    Weber Q grills gas problem

    This post is for those of you with Weber Q grills. I have a Q220 that recently stopped flowing gas.Took it all apart as much as I could, cleaned and blew out everything possible, not much really. Put it back together and the gas still wouldn't flow. I did a google search and came up with quite a...
  18. Storm Trooper

    Questions about using OVERDRIVE when towing

    READ your tow vehicles manual first. If the TV was meant to tow anything, there will be a section there describing towing. Even within the same brand of vehicle, there are different recommendations depending on the TV(PU, SUV, CUV). Some will tell you to tow with the OD on, some will tell you...
  19. Storm Trooper

    The ponies at Chincoteague Island

    Thought those of you interested in the Assateague ponies might like this. Slideshow There is one campground on Chincoteague that you can stay at and watch the pony roundup without leaving the CG. My two DD's loved...