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  1. Pedro Galvan

    Any tarp as awninng for any A frame

    I did something similar to this, but attaching a D-ring to the middle point. I also use tent poles, or attach the far ends of the tarp to a 10 ft canopy with bungee cords. Use flat head bolts to attach the ring, or you risk scratching the aluminum when it folds.
  2. Pedro Galvan

    Aliner roof out of alignment

    I installed a D-ring in the aluminum near the area you mention, to hook up a tarp as an awning for my Aliner Scout Lite. The bolts fastening the D-ring were scratching the aluminum somewhat. I pulled out the aluminum out a little. That solved the problem!
  3. Pedro Galvan

    Aliner Scout Lite end covers, interior

    Aliner Scout-Lite are great little campers, but let's face it, not fancy. Actually, they are kind of no-frills. That is ok with me, I was not looking for luxury, just something practical and affordable. But one thing I did not like is the exposed rivets on the interior ends of the camper. This...
  4. Pedro Galvan

    what I hate about camping in a pup......

    Other than that, I just love my Aliner Scout Lite. Understand this: my previous camper was a 4x8x4 Runaway Navigator tiny camper. All it had was space for a bed I made myself, a couple of small 3 drawer cabinets. It was great, but I got tired of not being able to stand inside. And I began...
  5. Pedro Galvan

    Honda Pilot-Aliner Scout Lite 1st trip: Cane Creek Park (Jun). 2nd trip DuPont Forest NC (Aug)...

    Honda Pilot-Aliner Scout Lite 1st trip: Cane Creek Park (Jun). 2nd trip DuPont Forest NC (Aug), 3rd trip Lynches River SC (Sep).
  6. Pedro Galvan

    How ready for a sporadic trip is your Aframe?

    My Scout Lite is loaded and ready. All I need to get before starting the trip is food. Sometimes I just grab stuff from pantry and off we go, other times I make a grocery trip and scram! After the trip I wash the clothes I used and put them back in the camper.
  7. Pedro Galvan

    How Many Scout Lites Are There Out There?

    For a single dude with a dog, the Scout Lite is perfect, plenty of space (especially coming from a 4x8 Runaway Navigator!). Houndini sleeps under the table, I sleep on the front bed. although I also feel it is a bit narrow. But getting used to it! I also seldom cook inside: I don't want the...
  8. Pedro Galvan

    Brake Controller Required?

    All I can say is that the Echo brake controller works for me and my A-Liner Scout Lite with my Honda Pilot. YMMV.
  9. Pedro Galvan

    Brake Controller Required?

    More on this, I have this as my setup: Brake_controller_secured by Pedro Galvan posted Sep 28, 2021 at 11:36 AM An Echo Brake Controller may need to be affixed more securely than with the supplied strap. In one of my trips, it disconnected due to vibration/bumping. I added a small bungee cord...
  10. Pedro Galvan

    Brake Controller Required?

    AFAIK, all A-Liners have electric brakes (even the Scout-Lite), so you will need a controller to match your TV braking. It makes for a great difference in towing.
  11. Pedro Galvan

    Can you haul something on the roof?

    I couldn't agree more. Haul the 'yak(s) on the roof crossbars of the TV, the bikes on a hitch rack using either a Harbor Freight double hitch extender, or a tongue mounted bike rack.
  12. Pedro Galvan

    Show me your lights

    Next to the bunk, I use a very simple LED desk lamp I got cheap at Walmart: Otherwise, the roof lights have been enough.
  13. Pedro Galvan

    Yo from the Deep South...

    Thank you for that information, @Econ ! I used to drive a C-RV (loved that little car!) but towing capacity forced me to switch to a Pilot as I decided I was going to get an A-Liner. Had my maiden voyage last weekend, to Cane Creek Park near Waxhaw NC, a very short trip (about 40 min) through...
  14. Pedro Galvan

    Yo from the Deep South...

    I am an adult educator working in NC (Charlotte) & living in SC (Rock Hill). I love music, movies, food, computers & Internet (I'm a geek and proud of it!), sci-fi and poetry, food, science, camping, food, mountain biking, kayaking, and food 8)
  15. Pedro Galvan

    Last month acquisitions: 2021 Honda Pilot - 2021 Aliner Scout Lite. Maiden voyage: total...

    Last month acquisitions: 2021 Honda Pilot - 2021 Aliner Scout Lite. Maiden voyage: total success on a weekend trip at Cane Creek Park.