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  1. Storm Trooper

    ******* Towing guides by Vehicle Manufacturer********************

    I’ve just updated the main towing guide links. Honda does not publish a combined towing Guide Nissan no longer has a combined towing Guide. Toyota still doesn’t publish a combined towing Guide. If anyone has links to a combined towing Guide that I haven’t listed, please post here and I’ll update.
  2. Storm Trooper

    Retired and full timing on the road

    Retired and full timing on the road
  3. Storm Trooper

    Retired and back

    Hey Snow, I'll keep that in mind for next year. We should be back in MI in late April though July. Nhcaveman, the 37 ft is not a challenge out here, but the Northeast is another story. May not head back again as there is too much of the country I haven't seen. Dj, kit, boat, bud, Thank you for...
  4. Storm Trooper

    Retired and back

    Wildfires aren't near to us.They are NW of us. Mostly farms and desert around me. We sold the home in MI and took three months traveling through mid western and western states. Such gorgeous country and great camping too. Amazing the amount of book dockers I've seen along the way. So much...
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    Retired and back

    Well, it’s been awhile and a few changes as you can see from my signature line. I am full timing it in my Laredo. For the first time in my life I am not going to see snow or cold in the winter! I’m currently in the Southern California desert and enjoying every day in the 70’s in December. Hope...
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    Retired and on the road.

    Retired and on the road.
  7. Storm Trooper

    2017 springfield rv show

    Have a good time everyone. Wish I could go.
  8. Storm Trooper

    i never had a idea they came one bunk

    This coleman had no bunk ends.
  9. Storm Trooper

    2015 Vermont Fall Foliage Rally Sept. 25 - 27

    Thanks for a great weekend Chris.
  10. Storm Trooper

    2015 Vermont Fall Foliage Rally Sept. 25 - 27

    Chris, Looks like we"ll be there. [:D] We're on N35 and will bring something for the potluck. 2 adults, 1K9.
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    Will my battery complete the electric lift alone?

    Coleman/Fleetwood pups of recent vintage have a 40 amp breaker on the battery for the roof lift. It uses a lot more power than those of you with winch systems. I had a group 31 deep cycle on my 2007 Fleetwood/Coleman Avalon and it drew down seriously on the battery. That was a 16ft box/roof with...
  12. Storm Trooper

    Tow Vehicle Battery Dieing at the Park?

    Either a bad battery or parasitic drains. GPS's left plugged in can drain the battery. I had a Scanguage II plugged into the OBD port and it was ok as long as the car was driven every couple of days, but when it was parked, the battery would go dead. Also make sure and converters (110v) and 12v...
  13. Storm Trooper

    Trailer Sway

    First, get the bike racks off the back. Check your tongue weight. Shoot for 15%. Move as much weight that you can forward to increase the tongue weight if you are too light. If that doesn't work, You may or may not be able to use a wdh on that Starcraft. Check your manual and/or check with...
  14. Storm Trooper

    Towing with a subaru 2009 forester

    Opinions are one thing, but safety should be paramount to someone who presents himself as a Mechanical Engineer. Facts to support your claims are what I would expect from an M.E.. I'm sorry you feel that I was being disrespectful, but it was you who was being irresponsible as an M.E. that...
  15. Storm Trooper

    Towing with a subaru 2009 forester

    Jman, You sure were willing to accept what the dealer said about a 400 lb tongue limit, but interestingly enough the Engineers that work for Subaru and set the limit at 200 lbs. are wrong. I have some shares in the Brooklyn Bridge that I can sell cheap. Really. Factory dry weights on RV's are...
  16. Storm Trooper

    Towing with a subaru 2009 forester

    TGreek, If you are able to return the pup, that would be very good. Should you decide to look for something else, please give us some approximate weights (passengers and cargo)you will be carrying in the Subaru and we can help you determine a safe weight range to look for in a pup that you can...
  17. Storm Trooper

    Towing with a subaru 2009 forester

    hiker74, You've missed the point completely. The OP has already bought the pup and has the TV. He was asking whether or not he could safely tow the pup as his situation is now. It would be his decision which to upgrade. It is of the up most importance to stay within the limits of your TV for...
  18. Storm Trooper

    Stumbled across a (new?) hysterical bathroom product...rhymes with 'mittens'...

    Tyreguy, Got you on this one. [:D] Poo-Pourri! Watch the commercial. [;)]
  19. Storm Trooper

    Towing with a subaru 2009 forester

    I read the thread, but no matter what the dealer says, Subaru says on page 8-20 the MAXIMUM tongue weight is 200 lbs. There are no and's, if's, but's or asterisks. They also say tongue weight should be 8 to 11 % of the trailer GVWR. A 2400lb trailer at 8% it would be 192 lbs.