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  1. benfrench

    Jumped into the Dark Side

    Well, After having several pop-ups, and then moving into a camper van and then a travel trailer, we took a huge plunge and bought a 30' Class C Motorhome! It fits with how we want to travel now. I am hoping to still be welcome around the campfire...both virtual and in person at rallies. :)...
  2. benfrench

    Yellowstone 2017

    Well, I have been meaning to do this, but life happened and I kept forgetting to get on here and actually post about the trip. We packed up 6 adults and 6 kids and headed West with 2 vehicles and a trailer. We had an absolutely awesome time. We stayed in Idaho at Henry's Lake State Park and it...
  3. benfrench

    Labor Day Weekend 2017?

    Wondering if there is anything going on Labor Day weekend....thinking about making a trip to Letchworth State Park in NY....any interest?
  4. benfrench

    2016 Springfield RV/Camping Show Rally

    2016 - Springfield Camping Show Rally Dates: 02/12/2015 to 02/14/2015 - Location: Residence Inn West Springfield - Springfield, MA . Reservable Sites: Yes Reservation Link: Site Cost: $134 for AAA...
  5. benfrench

    2016 - Annual Rhode Island Rally

    Hello! I know we just finished the 2015 rally, however, I am already booked for next year. Lets use this as the place holder for the Annual Rhode Island Rally: *** Annual Rhode Island PopUp Portal Rally 2016 *** Where: Fishermen's Memorial State Park, Narragansett, RI When: Sept 9-11, 2016...
  6. benfrench

    2015 - Springfield Camping Show Rally - Discussion Board

    Please check to make sure that I have correctly translated from the Possible rally listing. Let me know if you are attending and I will update the listing, also, please make sure that you let me know if you will be attending dinner so that I can make the reservations.
  7. benfrench

    Possible 2015 Rally Dates and Locations - New England

    I know it is still early and most of us are still out enjoying our campers, however, it is never too early to book campouts for next year...especially since Fishermen's tends to fill up early. February 13th-15th - 7th Annual Springfield RV and Camping Show. Springfield, MA...
  8. benfrench

    Dark Side...again

    Chrissy and I bought a 2004 Sunline Sole 25RL last we wait in anticipation for dealer delivery....can't wait!
  9. benfrench

    New York - Watkins Glen and Letchworth

    My wife and I are doing the whirlwind tour up there. We are headed out for 2 nights at Watkins Glen SP, hoping to visit some vineyards around Seneca Lake so if anyone has suggestions of which to make a priority, please let us know. Then we are off to Letchworth for 2 nights, mostly exploring the...
  10. benfrench

    Parent's Camp sort of

    Well, The blizzard was very unkind to my favorite parents deep backyard....not looking forward to this cleanup... [:(]
  11. benfrench

    Letchworth State Park

    Looking for site suggestions, probably headed up from Sun-Thur in late May. I have a 19' Van Conversion, would prefer electricity, but not required. No pets on board for this trip. And suggest away: Also, anything else folks recommend seeing in the area?
  12. benfrench

    5th Annual Springfield RV & Camping Show "Rally" Feb 16,2013

    Hello Everyone, The RV Show will be Saturday 16 Feb 13. $2.00 discount coupons are available on the above RV Show website. The final count has been turned in and our reservation is for 6:30 16 February. We will meet up around 2 pm to gauge where...
  13. benfrench

    Country Bumpkins in NH

    Anyone ever camped here?
  14. benfrench

    May need a place to stay in Northern Virginia!

    Pohick Bay is currently closed due to the storm...anybody have a plan B for me?? Suggestions please...
  15. benfrench

    Can we still hang out with you guys?

    Well, we are in the process of purchasing a 1992 Intervec Falcon 190 on a Ford E-250 Chassis. We should have everything done in the next couple of weeks. It was getting too much for us to set everything up and then pack everything up. We do a lot of weekend trips and it becomes a lot of work...
  16. benfrench

    Has anyone gone from a PU to a Class B Van?

    My wife and I may have the opportunity to purchase a Class B at well below what it is worth. We are going to look at it this weekend. Has anyone here switched from a PU to a Van? Why? Do you like it? What changes did you make to the way you travel? What do you miss about the PU?
  17. benfrench

    Happy Birthday to the US Army

    Fellow patriots today I rise in celebration of the United States Army's 237th birthday. Since June 14, 1775, when the first company was formed to defend our great country against the British, the brave men and women of the Army have upheld the seven core values of this strong brotherhood. Those...
  18. benfrench

    Gettysburg Campground

    Looking for a state park type campground near Gettysburg for a few days in July. Need electricity, water is optional. Ideas?
  19. benfrench

    Headed out at 3:30 this afternoon!

    I am headed out in a few hours headed up to Otter River State Park in MA for NAFCA's Spring Clean-up weekend! The North American Family Camping Association was founded at Otter River State Park many many years ago and they do a Fall and Spring Clean-up weekend to thank the park. I am trying to...
  20. benfrench

    Thinking about Solar Power....

    Hello, I am thinking about adding some solar panels, another battery, and an inverter. Goal is to run my lights, water pump, and television. Also want to be able to charge a phone or ipad. Who uses solar, how is your setup, what are you able to run, for how long? Lot's of questions.