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  1. megcabra

    Vintage Ward Manufacturing, Inc. - Nimrod spotted for sale in NC.

    I spotted this classic Ward Manufacturing, Inc. - Nimrod for sale in North Carolina, looks like it would be a fun model to have and restore:
  2. megcabra

    12” Radial tires Velocity ST145R12 D/8PR

    I had planned on replacing our 2010 date code Load-Star 12” 5.30-C bias-ply tires with radials and moving the bias-plys to our utility trailer at the end of the season. But as luck would have it the 12” 4.80-B tires on the utility trailer had dry rotted and lost air after 11 years. So I jumped...
  3. megcabra

    Bed Bow repair 1998 Coleman Redwood

    Thought I'd share my latest repair on our 1998 Coleman Redwood. The rear facing bed bow developed a kink several years ago and pinched off the plastic tip of the shepherds hook. My fix at that time was to straighten out the pipe as best I could and re-screw the plate back on as well as add...
  4. megcabra

    Greetings from megcabra!

    Our screen name "megcabra" is derived from our kid’s names: MEGan, CAitlin and BRAndon. Although I’m no stranger to PopUp camping with my first PopUp being a 1986 Skamper I had in the 1990's. Then after we had kids we moved up and on to our 1998 Coleman Redwood which we use now and have owned...
  5. megcabra

    Camping Cantley – Cantley Québec

    100, Chemin Ste Élisabeth Cantley, Québec, J8V 3G4 [QC] [CAN] A very nice campground located only 25 minutes North (22km/13miles) from downtown Ottawa, Ontario in a beautifully laid out area with a large fishing pond and 2 pools. Security gates are located at both the entrance and exit with...
  6. megcabra

    The Depot Travel Park - West Cape May

    A very nice campground relatively close to the Cape May beaches (about 10 blocks or 1 mile/1.6km) located at 800 Broadway in West Cape May, NJ. We found the facilities to be clean and well laid out. For a PopUp [PU] I’d recommend the wooded area from 108-125 and 226-237. The rates in June...
  7. megcabra

    1998 Coleman Redwood - New Crank

    While on a 2,500 mile/4,000km Multi-State/Province road trip in August our crank finally went out. Although we were able to raise and lower the top the crank handle had to be kept in the whole time the roof was up with a bungee cord around the bumper. Upon our return I pulled the whole...