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  1. J Starsky

    Protect your Nuts! Lug Nuts, that is...

    So, I've never had an issue with lug nuts before on aluminum rims. I'm a self confessed carguy, I have my own fleet. I've found it silly to check and recheck lugnuts that I've obviously pulled torque on before. Like, I'll confess in totality, that I've made fun of non-car people over it: like...
  2. J Starsky

    Entry Wall - Shoe Storage Hack

    From the Travel Trailer Improvement Files: You can't seem to have enough shoe storage with a cute DW and our two teenagers in the TT. I used a similar item from Ikea, or the jungle website but any storage type you like could transfer easily. You can't tell, but I cut the bottom two rows off...
  3. J Starsky

    FB Spotting- HM Tiny PUP

    I saw this homemade TINY PUP on the FB the other day. Kinda neat, very likely a Prius rig waiting to be purchased:
  4. J Starsky

    Prototype Camp Stove / Oven

    Prototype Ghettotech Camp Stove / Oven: We've got a Great-Grate, stabilizing a Stock Pot + a grill insert + a veggie fry pan + a lid. Parchment Paper increased success by 200% (DW Contributions) Makes a semi-reliable, albeit slow oven:
  5. J Starsky

    Driveway Dutch Oven Challenge - Easy Ribs

    Get out in the front yard and cook something you haven't tried yet: I left them stand on end, in a C shape, lightly boiling in Apple Juice. I flipped the ribs only once. Ribs had a 30min head start, then I tossed in 3 chicken breasts to boil. I waited until the meat pulled away from the...
  6. J Starsky

    More growing room: Veteran's Campground Washington County, MN

    Not often enough do you see campgrounds like this continue to grow. I am not a veteran but if you are, you should be excited by stuff like this. You deserve a preserve for you~! You earned it. Thank you!
  7. J Starsky

    What is your "oddball" stopping spot?

    This year was a big loop for us. And we'd never made that large of a trip before and slid in some corny type visits, which were awesome investments of time! What are you Oddball stop by locations? For 2020 I will submit: The ONLY Corn Palace in Mitchell, SD: Carhendge: Alliance, Nebraska...
  8. J Starsky

    Jester State Park, Grainger Iowa

    This was a last minute fill in park. We had word of large storms in Iowa, and our original pick for a state park was closed for storm damage! We didn't even know they have their own mini wildlife loop featuring Buffalo and Elk. But we do now. The buildings were all closed. The bathrooms...
  9. J Starsky

    Fort Kearny State Park Campgrounds

    So listen, I wish Nebraska was right around the corner. I wish this place was an hour away. It would become my own private camping and playspace. Hardly any spots were taken! Everyone was super nice! I pulled in without wood, mentioned it at check in, and a random camper dude drives up to...
  10. J Starsky

    Horsetooth Reservoir

    We enjoyed the week in August at the Horsetooth Reservoir in Fort Collins, Colorado campgrounds. Oddly enough, this reservoir feeds vital water supply to Nebraska. They were doing concrete repairs & restorations this winter, unannounced to us. They were in the process of draining the...
  11. J Starsky

    Game Lodge State Campgrounds Site 42

    From our trip in August to Game State Lodge Campsite 42. Custer is very Pop-up friendly. While a number of larger campers stayed at the Game Lodge Campgrounds, there are dedicated tent sites. Our site would have been great for our PUP as well. Cool camp setups:
  12. J Starsky

    Jeep Camper

    JEEP Wrangler Home-built camper. One of a kind !!
  13. J Starsky

    DIY - Cook Surface Leveler

    One main problem I always find is that the grills need that finite amount of adjustment to keep an egg from running away! GRRRR I'm usually set up for 5+ days in a row, and I switch off from a table top grill and my Blackstone. You can twist a bolt down in three corners, making it easy to...
  14. J Starsky

    Battery Box & Slinky Storage

    I keep forgetting to share my battery box and sewer hose storage I whooped up. My hose is the Rhino type. Nice, but won't fit in the bumper. This fits and is bolted to the stock battery rail. I reinforced the bottom of this Sportmans box as well (Fleet Farm Find). I had to cut off the carry...
  15. J Starsky

    Campgrounds Leads by Aldo Leopold Nature Center, Outside Madison, WI

    I'm looking for campground recommendations somewhere close to Madison, WI. (30-40 min OK) Venue is Aldo Leopold Nature Center, Femrite Drive, Monona, WI Turns out, I've got a wedding to catch next year in July! What a way to sneak in a camping trip! Any places we should stay (or stay the...
  16. J Starsky

    Bent Trout Lake Campground - Mahtowa, MN

    Found a lil gem I want to share! We were heading south from our usual week+ up north of Duluth, MN. Wife and I decided to play "campground roulette" and stay one more night someplace before we had to go home. We followed random Blue & White Campground signs off...
  17. J Starsky

    Tools of the Trade

    So, this year was a upgrade year in the mess-tent: We found a used Blackstone 17! Awesome hooked to the 20lbs cylinder! We found a discounted Char Broil! Bonus! And this old Mirro drip Coffee Maker! Good Food, Good Fun!
  18. J Starsky

    Come to the Dark Side

    via Imgflip Meme Generator
  19. J Starsky

    Blackstone 17 finds a new home - mine!

    We found a Blackstone 17 Flat Top grill for $40 local! OMG I NEED THAT! Lady selling was so serious about "first come, first cash" that I swear a dude pulled in 10 seconds after the DW to pay her. They purchased for a family reunion, or something, so it hardly looks used. Good find! Feeling...
  20. J Starsky

    Irish Spring, it's what's for dinner

    So, I took the cabinet wall off my TT to gain water pump access - looks like dude got stuck in there with only this to eat! I left him some fresh stuff, and something marked TOMCAT in the same color [HB] I think my pup has been out there for over 8 years and I've never seen this. Mice like...