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    Not far from home

    Disappointingly, I haven't been able to get away much. The DWI and I went to a campground fairly close to home and boy, what a relaxing day.
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    A trip to see the grandkids

    And our first beautiful weather. Wish it could last forever.
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    SOLVED: No 12v from converter when plugged into Honda Generator

    SOLVED after about three years. History: "I went through this a couple of years ago with the same Honda genset. The factory Fleetwood converter is a WFCO and it operates perfectly when plugged into 120. But, when plugged into the Honda inverter genset, the WFCO will not switch to 12volt. When...
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    We received an email from AZ and this was interesting enough to pass along. ARIZONAS SECRET CAMPGROUNDS
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    Shorts for your Wedgies

    Here they are! The new flat end production run has just arrived. It will be a few days before the website will have them and we have to get an ad to Steve for the portal. But, there are several members here that are waiting, and I will try to get an email to you that have asked...
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    Coleman/Fleetwood Bed Slide Wedge question..

    As many users here know, the aluminum cast bed slide wedge replacement is close to production. The part fits the late model Fleetwood and Coleman bed slides, but I am wondering how far back this part was used on older pups. I would appreciate information from users to determine how far back the...
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    Coleman Fleetwood question?

    When ordering some additional Bed Slide Wedges (the gray plastic tapered ends on the bed rails) for my Evolution, the dealer advised that they have hardly sold any, and I am on my 6th or 7th replacement. Earlier, I concluded that we must be pulling the beds out too crisply and cracking them, so...
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    Homemade 3D (Stereo) photos while camping..

    Have you ever tried to Freeview parallel 3D images? We used a pair of Samsung cameras on a home-made mount to capture my grandson by the fire, and it worked better than expected. If you know how to view, hope you enjoy this image. If you have not done this, read the following before attempting...
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    NV - Valley of Fire State Park

    We were north of Las Vegas making photographs and stumbled upon this awesome pop-up campground. No large motor homes in this one, although there is another in the park for them. If you have the chance, this is an unsurpassed location. I have to share a couple of photos. The camper shown is not...