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    Bed Wedgies Site is back online. It was down due to a hosting software problem and is now functioning correctly.
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    Instaling heat strip

    No, pretty easy. Some will say not worth the effort, but we like it for removing a morning chill without using the furnace.
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    Wench suggestions...

    Just go with an old crank, wenches are nothing but trouble. [:D]
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    Bed wedgies

    According to the part numbers, all Coleman and Fleetwood use the same number for the wedge and flat ends. The only consideration is the condition of the rail slides. I am not familiar with your model, but if the wedge end actually rests on a metal surface below, precaution should be taken to...
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    Refrigerator, hot inside

    We are assuming that you know that it has to be relatively level when in operation, correct?
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    Thanks for the comments. Just a note that your modifications do not in any way effect the lifetime warranty of the part and also, some have added a strip of teflon tape to the lower surface to assist in any wear from the vibration going down the road on the models that are not suspended in air...
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    One method is in the FAQ here:
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    Still available and selling online at Install and forget.
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    Redundant battery question I'm sure.....

    The Trojans is. Great battery and should cover your needs well, but it is pricey.
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    Installing rooftop ac unit on my 2004 coleman tacoma

    Did mine in 2010 when new. As previously mentioned, there should be openings in your roof brace to house the cord across the ceiling to the side and then coiled to drop down to your 20 amp outlet. A couple of cautions are important. Use a large piece of plywood to spread your weight evenly...
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    Camping in the cold weather

    Yes, drain it and at least blow the lines out. It may be advantageous to pick up some RV antifreeze to run through your palm if you have a 12 V pump.
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    Power Usage

    With the total length that you have, I would stay with the 12 gauge.
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    Winterizing question

    Do not do this with pressure on the line or you will displace the o-ring.
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    Grounding Pup to the earth?

    The flaw in this logic is that your ac electrical in your camper IS NOT bonded. It is that way as required by code. In other words, your neutral is not connected to the ground wire as that is required at the voltage source, also by code. Therefore, as has been mentioned, ground checking your...
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    question about proper solar panel wiring

    Leave them as is.
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    electrical schematic for a 2007 E3

    For starters, check for a poor ground, possibly at the fixture and/or socket. A poor ground could explain intermittent results that you seem to have. If you have a length of wire with bare ends, secure one end to a good, clean, bare ground at the frame (or even the negative battery post if you...
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    retro fit electric wench

    I agree. My wench often gets torqued way too much. [:D]
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    Any unusual or funny signs you've see at CGs?

    Campground roadside in AZ :
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    Want to Add Heaststrip to AC - Need Help

    Yes, there is no outside air involved. I find it works extremely well to warm the pup in the morning or to take the edge off. If it is 40 or 50 degrees it puts out enough heat to drive you out if left on continuously. It is completely out of the way and blows heat well into the beds.
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    Electrical issue

    Are you referring to battery power 12volt or convertor 12 v when plugged into 110 volt? If battery, have you checked for battery voltage at the battery?