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  1. kgesiako

    gray water tank in pup

    Was thinking about trying to install this for our sink, probably a smaller size though. Right now we use the portable gray water tank with wheels and just dump it when we leave, but in our Rockwood pup the drain for sink and shower are on separate ends of camper, so would like to use portable...
  2. kgesiako

    Anyone use ozone machines?

    We had our roof replaced on our Rockwood 2716g only to find out it had a leak. Water ended up going down the cutouts for the bed supports when everything was folded up and going inside walls. After fighting with forest river for a while was finally able to get them to send me two new sheets of...
  3. kgesiako

    First time attending rally advice

    I have been working 7-12’s for the last two months and really need a break, turns out this job I’m on finishes up week before the starved rock rally so timing is absolutely perfect! Gonna be myself, d/w, d/d(age 8), and our four legged companion. This will be our first rally so I’m asking for...
  4. kgesiako

    Mid fort wilderness trip and cannot be better!

    We came down from Chicago and planned 3 days to get here. Trip is myself, DW, and DD (7 years old). First day from Chicago stopped just past Nashville, about 8 hrs on road, second day to Georgia/Florida state line, about 6 hrs, and finally 3 hours to the fort at Disney. Must say the kid is...
  5. kgesiako

    To sticker or not to sticker?!

    ok, here is my goofy dilemma! The end of March the family, dw, dd and myself are taking our inaugural trip to Disney from Chicago. Figured didn’t want to push time so taking our time driving. Staying in Nashville first night, Georgia second and arrival third. The dilemma is we are staying at a...
  6. kgesiako

    Rotating tires with spare

    I’m sure this has been asked before but I just started thinking about this. How many people rotate their spare tires onto their trailer? And if not, when you get new tires because of age, do you replace your spare also? It seems almost a shame to go 5-6 years on your tires and then replace all...
  7. kgesiako

    Michigan accident nightmare

    Let’s start by saying that I love camping in Michigan. We stayed at the state park by the mackinac bridge for the first time and I think it was the best place we’ve been to yet, as long as you get a spot by the water! Last month we were in Wisconsin when the starter went out in my truck right...
  8. kgesiako

    Getting Annoying

    More than a few times now I will be reading or responding to posts and I will get a Popup saying I am a winner of something. I just lost a response I spent 15 minutes typing on my IPhone because when I went to hit preview this ad came up and the only way to get rid of it is to close out of the...
  9. kgesiako

    Halloween driveway setup

    9DB6DD7D-C020-4C0E-AC92-ED18D5E9F104 by kgesiako posted Nov 18, 2017 at 12:38 PM The last few Halloween’s we set up our pup in drive, bring out our little fireplace table and chairs from the back yard, and decorate for the trick and treaters. People love it and usually stay to hang out awhile!