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  1. penny

    yes, it is hot

    Here in Southern NM, it's been pretty bad. we've been trying to get away, and even the woods are hot. Last week, we went up to Camp Thunderbird in the Mimbres. They have hook ups and we could use the AC in the afternoons. Since Covid, they are open for individual RVs to park with hook ups...
  2. penny

    delightful dilemma

    I posted a while back that we bought a second camper. We have a 25' 85 Avion, which we love, but we missed the relatively carefree camping of a very small camper. we have gone only a few times the last few months, but we have taken the new 14' jayco jay flight both times. I like to hitch up...
  3. penny

    Unplanned camp driveway!

    We needed a camping trip. Rearranged schedules, packed up and headed up to one of our favorite places (one of few still open) got a bit of a late start, but could have made it. New baby TT give a lot more “get away quick” factor. But our trusty truck went into “limp home mode”, so we limped...
  4. penny

    Hello again

    I have not posted on this forum for a while, popping in now and then. But it is still my favorite camping forum of all times, and love the mutual love of camping that is here, regardless of ‘rig’. We did go dark several years ago but camping is camping! Covid has really complicated...
  5. penny

    Dark side times 2

    Almost a year ago we lucked out and bought a pristine 1985 25’ Avion. We have enjoyed it so much, and it is class and quality like we have never had. Everything works, it is amazingly tough and nimble and we love it. BUT! It is 35 years old and 25’ long. It is also 5000#. Based on our...
  6. penny

    random thoughts

    we just came back from our first long distance, long time out, trip in our 85 avion 25' and our F150 truck. It involved 12 days at high elevations, cool to cold temps (divine!) and winding roads, tough grades up and down. there were times I thought "we need something smaller"! but we had no...
  7. penny

    make it easy!

    sometimes we try to do things the easy way, try to avoid spending the money or the time to do it right. usually we learn from our mistakes. Thankfully we have been lucky and have not have messed up too badly. We usually take kayaks or bikes camping. kayaks sticking out of the back of the truck...
  8. penny

    not many pop ups for sale, at any price!

    We are loving our 25' avion camper, but think we sometimes want to go places we don't want to take it, being a 'classic' 85. we have a lot of places we can go, but I'd rather avoid really bad roads. So now that the dust has settled on trading, buying and selling campers and tow vehicles, we...
  9. penny

    in praise of vintage

    we have had our 85 Avion for a bit over 6 months. We have gone camping every month, often twice a month. We've been in snow, rain, terrible winds, beautiful spring days and had some challenges, but mostly learning experiences. We've replaced and repaired a few things, worked out the bugs in...
  10. penny

    people can be such slobs.

    a few places are open in Southern NM. One of our favorite, beautiful places to go is the Gila Forest and a lake within this forest. this lake has remained open, but the dumpsters and bathrooms have been locked, with good cause. funds and employees are restricted. We were happy to see some...
  11. penny

    now that we're here

    we have gone over in steps. 14' little fun finder 1995# to 21' starcraft 3400# to 25" vintage avion. as a result, the destinations have changed. facing yet another reduction in places we can squeeze into, roads we feel comfortable to travel on, etc. Although I'm constantly amazed at how...
  12. penny

    this is a cool camper

    the other day I saw an ad for a very new to me design for a camper. coachman clipper 12.0TD XL. it isn't light, but it seems to fill a niche between hybrid, pop up and tear drop. I think it is very nice!
  13. penny

    our newest camper

    I'd like to say our last camper, but have learned better. We started 2020 out by buying the camper of our (mine, anyway) dreams. Some friends decided to sell us their 85 Avion a rare model 25H. It is bigger than any thing we have ever pulled behind us. It is comfortable beyond belief and...
  14. penny

    first time

    So after a week of going over all systems, and cleaning our new to us, 35 year old Avion, we had a camp driveway. We had hot running water, lights and comfortable warmth. It got down to about 34 last night, so I turned the heater way down and got under fleece sheets and a somewhat wimpy down...
  15. penny

    a new old one!

    We are a few days away from picking up a 1985 Avion, 25H. to say I'm excited is a ridiculous understatement. It is as close to like new as a vintage camper can be.
  16. penny

    maybe it's inevitable..

    Last week I posted that we had upgraded our TV to a F150 truck. our family has some friends that have a pristine vintage avion 25' trailer. both my son and I have asked them if they ever decided to sell it, to let us know. My son pretty serious, myself half kidding, because I couldn't see us...
  17. penny

    It's a new year, new decade!

    Wishing everyone here a Happy New Year! may it be filled with good things.
  18. penny

    brake controller

    We had a brake controller on our toyota 4runner, which I took out when we traded it in on our new (04) F150. this is no doubt a dumb question, but the truck has a factory tow package with a 7 pin plug installed. It also has a plug well hidden under the dash to accept a brake controller. One...
  19. penny

    finally gave in and got a truck.

    first we towed a pop up. then we were VW westfalia owners. then a while in a small class c or b. when we finally bought a travel trailer, it was tiny and we tried to tow it with a grand caravan. the trailer was light enough but the front resistance area was too much. we switched to a toyota 4...
  20. penny

    checking in after a while.

    We have been busy. Family stuff, mostly. We have taken a couple of short trips here and there, not as much as we would like. But two in the last month at least. I started to catch up reading here, and it is sort of a lot to catch up to! Hope everyone has had a nice late summer early fall...