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  1. Muller 5

    Adding a storage box

    How difficult would it be to add a storage box to my tongue? All I would put in it would be my propane tank and setup supplies. Maybe a battery if we decide to make it boondockable.
  2. Muller 5

    But WHERE to make the repairs?

    I have several things that I need to work on in my pup. However, I have zero space to work. My garage is tiny, my driveway is steeply sloped. The city frowns on having the camper in front of the house either in the street or the yard, plus I have tattletale neighbors who will call the police...
  3. Muller 5

    4th grade park pass

    Has anyone camped in national parks using the 4th grade pass? Does it give a discount on campsite? Or is campsite separate from park admission? Starting to plan next year's trip; thinking maybe Utah, Colorado, and Arizona.
  4. Muller 5

    First big trip with pup

    It was two weeks that felt like two months. We started in Kansas City. We left an hour late, and had to go north through Kansas because of flooding. We got to Ogallala, NE at about 9:30 pm. We just couldn't seem to make any progress through Nebraska. Someone else backed us into the site...
  5. Muller 5

    Toddler stomach bug.

    Though he's normally a good traveler, and we've been on the road for two weeks, my 3 year old has had stomach issues for three days now. He stopped throwing up on Tues, then he started the nasty diapers. Now he's back to throwing up and we are still two days from my parents' house. I decided...
  6. Muller 5


    I have a job opportunity that came up. It's better for the family and better hours and pay. I have a high likelihood of getting this job if I can start right away. However, I would have to cancel our big vacation to Oregon. If I took the trip, the job might be filled before I get back. What...
  7. Muller 5

    The sky is falling!

    After a day of cleaning up a flooded basement, I decided to take the kids out for a night of camping. We got started late, leaving the house at about 8 pm. It's our first time sleeping in the pup, third time setting it up, and fourth time towing. Shortly after leaving the house, we pull over...
  8. Muller 5

    Trashed canvas

    So our tenting needs to be replaced, but we can't afford it this year. The plasticky vinyl or whatever is ok, but stained. The canvas over the windows is completely eaten away. Massive holes, unusable. How trashy would it be for me to cover the canvas with tape (duct, gorilla, or flex seal)...
  9. Muller 5

    No propane?

    What does this mean and how do I fix it?
  10. Muller 5

    Shore up floor until later

    We have a soft spot that the mechanic saw from underneath. There is new flooring on top. It's in a spot where it is less likely to be stepped on. Right front corner. Can I do something to shore it up until I can take the time and money to fix it right?
  11. Muller 5

    Running lights

    Fixing the running lights will take a massive rebuild of the wiring that I am not prepared for this year. Is it ok to go without the running lights if my brake and turn lights work?
  12. Muller 5

    Cheap brake system

    My pup doesn't have brakes after all. My mechanic says he found a brake system that should fit my axle for under $100. Anyone know what he might be looking at? Is it worth getting?
  13. Muller 5

    No microwave or oven

    Not sure this is in the right place, but I've been thinking about easy no mess meals for an overnight stop with no fire. If I freeze breakfast burritos or muffin sized souffle and thaw overnight in a not so cold cooler, can I warm them in a covered skillet? I'm not skilled in camp cooking.
  14. Muller 5

    Pugs--nice to have or necessary?

    Getting ready for a summer in muggy Missouri and I want to be as ready as possible. Do you consider pugs a necessity or a luxury? I really don't have money right now for luxuries, because I need to outfit and fix up the ntu pup.
  15. Muller 5


    Why doesn't my signature show when I make a post?
  16. Muller 5

    Countertop vinyl.

    I have the wish app and I keep seeing vinyl sheets advertised. They are selfstick and are shown on cars and walls. I was wondering if anyone has seen these and tried them or had any thoughts about this option.
  17. Muller 5

    Off topic: need help with my ice scraper

    You all are very handy, creative, diy folks. My ice scraper has a telescoping handle and a snow puller that I love, but only scrapes a 1 inch section of my minivan windshield at a time. I can push down on the center of the scraper part, but that eliminates the point of the telescoping...
  18. Muller 5

    Only one bunk end out

    Is there any reason I can't work on my new pup with only one bunk end out? It won't fit in my garage with both and won't work in our driveway, too steep.
  19. Muller 5

    Bunkend supports

    I could use 4 bunk supports for a 99 Palomino Colt. Full size both ends. Or if not, I could use a picture of what it looks like so I can make them. I've only seen pictures of the supports set up.
  20. Muller 5

    Foam topper for bunk end

    Have you found that a two inch memory foam topper makes a significant difference in comfort? Our "mattresses" are glorified yoga mats. I'm looking to upgrade a little, but unsure of how much 2" will matter.