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  1. jeeper88

    Hitch on back of PUP

    I have hitch on the back of my pup. Haul two bikes. We use the bikes because we love biking around the campground. Also most parks have bike trails. My hitch is welded thru the bumper and welded to the frame. I know the weight of the bikes and have the weight I need in front of the camper. Bikes...
  2. jeeper88

    Hi from Virginia Beach, VA

    No question is stupid.. Thats how we learn.. Welcome..
  3. jeeper88

    alum roof cleaning

    Wow no one cleans there pop up roof?
  4. jeeper88

    alum roof cleaning

    What does everyone use to clean the roof and black streaks on there camper?
  5. jeeper88

    Hi from the Panhandle of Florida

    welcome to the forum ocala fl
  6. jeeper88

    Greased whiffle tree but suspect issue with ratchet mechanism

    I had the same problem hard to crank up. Found out it was the thrust bearing. Now all is well.
  7. jeeper88

    AC Change

    rainbow river is a great place to camp !!!!!
  8. jeeper88

    2008 Fleetwood Evolution + Bedwedgies

    I just put a new complete set on my westlake and no trimming. Perfect fit and fast shipping. Took about half hr to do all 8 pcs.
  9. jeeper88

    whiffel tree thrust bearing

    Mine is like a direct drive. Straight thru with a total of 3 shear pins. Wish we lived closer we could help each other . Maybe we could find a campground thats a happy medium for both of us. Ft Desoto is my favorite. To get a spot u have to reserve a year out, it ur lucky!!!
  10. jeeper88

    whiffel tree thrust bearing

    mrBruce38 only thing I ordered was the thrust bearing. Mr Pro at Beckly said its all I should need. Hmmm where could I pic up the roll pins? Maybe ace hardware? 1.5 hrs south of me. Hi neighbor. I was hoping I could just pull the crank assem, pull the bearing and rev the proc. Then again Ive...
  11. jeeper88

    Lightest popup with 2 King Beds??

    I have a westlake and love it, maint is key. mine is a 2008
  12. jeeper88

    Weight of camper was on the stabilizers

    You mite have got lucky and only bent ur stabs. I would look at those first.
  13. jeeper88

    whiffel tree thrust bearing

    I have a new thrust bearing on the way from Beckleys. My pup is hard to crank up and grinds going up or down. My question is has anyone had this problem? How hard is it to replace? I know it a sealed bearing and the tree is a 6713 series. Any advice on making this job easier or something I need...
  14. jeeper88

    Howdy from Ohio!

    welcome from Fla,,,, We are heading to Paint Creek this fri for two weeks. one week on site 2 and one week on site 19..
  15. jeeper88

    1995 Jayco 1207 rebuild

    wow, you can do anything once you put your mind to it!!!
  16. jeeper88

    1992 Coleman roof issue (centerline molding)

    Bronsta, I have a roof like yours, and I have replaced the butyl tape and the vinyl seam. Replace the screws with ss. If the water did not make it past the screws all will be good. What you will find is the roof does have a seam that the metal trim piece covers.. There is a 1x4 under that so the...