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  1. Rusty2192

    Bike mounts for cross bars

    Most roof bike mounts are universal. The exception will be some Yakima and Thule mounts that are specific to their round and square bars, respectively. If you’re buying new, the Swagman mounts are about the least expensive mounts on the market and work great. Not quite as rock solid as my...
  2. Rusty2192

    Air Bags

    I agree you probably don’t need them with the WDH but there’s not really any harm in installing them, other than the modest cost. I have AirLift 1000s on our Sienna and they‘ve worked great. One side did fail after about 4 years and the other finally went this spring after 6 years. Both were...
  3. Rusty2192

    Brake Controller Questions

    Another vote for the Primus IQ here. Same proportional braking technology as the Prodigy line, just fewer bells and whistles. Although if I had to do it again in our van, this time I’d go with a Redarc Tow-Pro, even though it’s quite a bit more expensive. Finding a spot to mount the controller...
  4. Rusty2192

    What's Your Health Tonic?

    Bourbon, neat.
  5. Rusty2192

    Cruise Control or No Cruise Control

    Try it and see how it works. If the truck hunts for gears and shifts more than once or twice on a hill then shut it off. If it has no problem holding gears and downshifts once going up the hill then holds it till the top you’re good. Hunting for gears and a bunch of shifting is what you want to...
  6. Rusty2192

    TV roof rack questions--tower system rack for naked roofs?

    I think my bars are around 36” on the van and the canoe has no issues. Even on the one trip with 60 mph broadside gusts, which coincidentally was on the way home after taking this picture. I have another set of bars on Q towers on my Prius that only span 32” and the canoe rides fine even on...
  7. Rusty2192

    Hitch for GMC Sierra SLT 2500 to pull 2018 Jayco Jay Sport 12SC

    17” seems to be a common hitch height for a lot of pups. I’d just get one that puts the ball close to that and you’ll be fine. If it’s a little off, it’s fine just to get it home. Then measure to get the correct one for the Highlander. I’m not a fan of the cheap adjustable ones. I have a...
  8. Rusty2192

    Carrying a kayak

    TV roof for sure. There have been plenty of trips (too many) where the kayak or bikes never even came off the roof. But because they’re secure and out of the way there was no need to touch them. The one caveat is if it interferes with the back hatch. My 11.5’ kayak in a J-hook just barely...
  9. Rusty2192

    New Silverado

    The EPA rating for the Hummer was just released yesterday and let’s just hope Chevy does better with the Silverado. :shocked: The Hummer is rated at only 47 MPGe, which I guess is fitting for the brand. For comparison the Rivian R1T is rated at 70, a Tesla Model 3 is 131, and even a Model S...
  10. Rusty2192

    New Silverado

    Even if it’s 100% coal, it’s still cleaner than an ICE. Power plants have emission devices and run way more efficiently than any ICE could ever dream of, which isn’t very hard considering even a diesel is only about 30% efficient and gas is below that. If we’re considering production...
  11. Rusty2192

    New Silverado

    The Silverado EV isn’t going to come out for a while so no need to worry about it any time soon. Work Truck versions for fleets are supposed to start shipping spring 2023 and they say the first regular ones will be fall 2023. But most new vehicles don’t seem to hit their time estimates lately...
  12. Rusty2192

    Aliner hitch - open and shut case

    I was having the same issues on mine. I blasted the whole latch assembly with a bunch of WD-40 from top and bottom and let it soak. Repeated it a few times and worked it in to get it good and clean. Once it dried I hit it with some spray dry lube. It’s working great again and slips onto the ball...
  13. Rusty2192

    Ford Maverick Thread

    The Maverick is perfect for a pop up. It looks like a great little truck. Crazy high payload for its size, ~1,500 lbs, which is more than a lot of half-tons these days. It would be really cool if they’d throw the Bronco Sport’s high tech 4x4 system under it for a Tremor or Raptor version...
  14. Rusty2192

    Adding an A/C unit

    Here’s an old thread started by @davido talking about the A/C port and how it’s intended to be used by Rockwood.
  15. Rusty2192

    High Speed 12" Tires - Carlisle vs Kenda

    Carlisle does make plenty of M and even N rated 12” tires. I just put a set of N rated 4.8-12 LRC on my pup. Now, their website does list the 145R12 Radial as L rated, so maybe that’s what you were referring to...
  16. Rusty2192

    Hotel Stops Question

    As for leaving it overnight, I’d take a few steps to keep everything safe. I’d lock everything that’s possible to be locked. Use a locking Hitch pin on the receiver and on the hitch. Use padlocks for the propane and battery and I keep a padlock on at least one of the roof latches. I do this...
  17. Rusty2192

    Storing a canoe on popup in garage?

    If you’re going to set it on the pup, I’d get a couple 2x4s to set all the way across the roof. That way the weight is spread to the sideboards of the roof. You could put a moving blanket or whatever under them to protect from scratches. Or hang it if you can. I have a 11’ kayak on the wall...
  18. Rusty2192

    Rear mount bike rack

    I love my roof rack. Super secure and safe. Plus the bikes are out of the way for setting up. With any camper mounted solution you have to remove the bikes before you can even start to set up. Watch Facebook Marketplace and other online sales ads for used mounts to save some money. Or the...
  19. Rusty2192

    Turning Brake Drums

    I had my drums turned at the local O’Reilly and they work great now. I think it was something like $20 a piece. I just found the documentation from Dexter online with the minimum thickness and took that to the store so they could verify there was enough material. I doubt they did anything to the...
  20. Rusty2192

    Who's still camping?

    First dry weekend we get I’m taking the pup out to the local National Forest campground. But even before then I’m hoping we get at least 1 nice night between Christmas and New Years to make a quick backpacking trip. I have a bunch of new winter gear I want to try out.