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  1. Camp-N-Nuts

    Sony a230 DSLR

    I picked this up cheap at a rummage sale ($5) and was wondering if it's considered a decent camera? (Wish Unstable_Tripod was around [;)] ). At 10.1Mp is it worth anything or obsolete? Thanks heaps!
  2. Camp-N-Nuts

    Frame flexing question! ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ

    How safe is it to raise both wheels with the tongue jack and 2 jack stands on the back of the frame? I did this once by accident! [:O] I have a short 8 foot box. Thanks!
  3. Camp-N-Nuts

    Maybe This Will Be Applied To Camping...someday? [8D] [:)C]
  4. Camp-N-Nuts

    Need woodcutting ease anywhere...

    ...this is a must for all campers and backpackers! [RTM] [8D]
  5. Camp-N-Nuts

    Propane Adapter For Backpacking Stove

    Is there an adapter that will convert the butane to a 1lb propane tank? I have found the one for $25 (with shipping), but it seems like a couple fittings for less than $10 should be available? [RTM] It would have to be 7/16-27(m) to 5/16 flare(m) to attach it to a propane torch head. Or any...
  6. Camp-N-Nuts

    Funny "Business"!

  7. Camp-N-Nuts

    We Have A New Couple That Moved-In!

    A pair of Spotted owls that visit can see them nearly anytime during the day or evening!
  8. Camp-N-Nuts

    Bow Ends!

    I notice our bows were not laying flat ("bowed" up in the middle) when stowed. Also, the longest adjustment was used on the Shepard's poles! Well...I held the middle down and bent the outsides lie flat. Then I backed off the S. poles adjustment 2 notches. Thought I'd pass it on! [;)]
  9. Camp-N-Nuts

    Aggravating Closure Problem!

    This problem may have been the reason the previous owner sold her...our Dutchmen 801 is about 8'X8' and the bed widths are 4' (you sleep crossways). So, in order to have any supporting bed rail left in the support channel...they made an elongation in the rail (2 piece rails with spacers and...
  10. Camp-N-Nuts

    A Grill Question...

    This has happened possibly a half-dozen times in my life...change the LP tank, turn on the valve...turn on the burner...and no gas flow??? There is no sound and it will correct itself if you turn it off and on...eventually! Is this a quirk of the OPD or the float? Is there something to prevent...
  11. Camp-N-Nuts

    Which Long Running Post...

    I voted for 1, 2, and 4...I just want them to DIE! Tell me what you think! [:D]
  12. Camp-N-Nuts

    Here's Your Warm Spell!

    "W-A-R-M"...enjoy! [:!] [:(O]
  13. Camp-N-Nuts

    Winter Fun!

    [size=12pt]Wisconsin Ode To Winter It's winter in Wisconsin And the gentle breezes blow Seventy miles an hour At twenty-five below. Oh, how I love Wisconsin When the snow's up to your butt You take a breath of winter And your nose gets frozen shut. Yes, the weather here is wonderful So I guess...
  14. Camp-N-Nuts

    V-8 Powered Chain Saw!

    Who da man?!
  15. Camp-N-Nuts

    Happy New Year Joke!

    A boob, a v*gina and an a**hole are debating on who is the greatest of the three of them! Boob - "I give milk to new born babies and I'm attractive to the opposite sex, that's why I am the greatest!" V*gina - "That's nothing, I give birth to new borns and can accommodate the opposite sex...
  16. Camp-N-Nuts

    A Christmas Tale

    Three men die on Christmas Eve. To get into heaven, St. Peter tells them: "You must have something on you that represents Christmas." The Englishman flicks on his lighter and says "it's a candle" and St. Peter lets him pass. The Welshman jingles his keys and says "they're sleigh bells" and...
  17. Camp-N-Nuts

    Has Anyone Seen This Trailer/Home?!