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    07 Fleetwood Bayside Wiring Diagram

    Does anyone have a wiring diagram for an ‘07 Fleetwood Bayside? I have a general one for the 12V interior wiring to the appliances (fed by the WAFCO) but nothing that shows the actual wiring harness that is in the camper (shows lights/signals, etc.).
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    Vintage Pupup - What brand is it?

    I ran across this photo of the first pupup I remember. It is mid-60’s, and we (my parents) pulled it with our Plymouth Fury III. We made trips from Wisconsin to the east coast and to the Rocky Mountains over the years.[8D] Now the fun begins.... What company made the popup. Hint - the...
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    Level isn’t level anymore

    I had originally leveled the camper and stuck on the exterior bubble levels in a easy-to-see spot for leveling the camper when setting up. On our last trip, I noticed that it just “didn’t seem right” and cranked up the lower side (BAL leveler) a bubble more and it felt better. Also, over the...
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    Daly County Campground

    We just got back home from Daly (Blue Earth) County campground. It is located south of Mankato about 5 miles from Mapleton. It is one worth returning to. The campgrounds are clean. The baths/showers are very clean and private. The sites al sit within sight line of the lake. About 2/3 have...
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    Camper Outside

    What do you all use to clean the outside of your camper - specifically the newer Fleetwood blow molded trunks (made of ABS I believe). Somewhere along our trips over the last couple of months we ran down a road that had been top-surfaced with tar and gravel. We have tar on the front end of the...
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    Split Rock Park in Garettson SD

    We overnighted at the city park along the Split Rock river. There were a couple of dozen sites. Most were good, some more obvious for tent campers. We had a small site that the camper set on was level, but the rest of the site was not. There were pit toilets and a bath house by the river/dam...
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    Angastora Park - near Hot Springs

    We camped at Angastora Park, just outside of Hot Springs for 4 days this month. We were looking for something near Mt. Rushmore. Because of the lateness of our making plans, we were limited in our choices. We ended up at Angastora as that had openings available. The campground is spread into...
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    Clausen Springs near Kathryn

    We camped at Clausen Spring campground this last month for one night. The campground is spread out with some site on the river feeding the lake and some up and around the lake. We had one of the last ones on the very end of the lake by the dam - on a ridge overlooking the lake. The spot was...
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    Lake Gogebic State Park

    We stayed at Lake Gogebic State Park this last weekend. The weather was nice which made for a good stay. The campground has 121 sites, electric to most except the rear ones away from the lake shore. There is water in all of the loops (centrally located), two bathrooms with flush toilets and...
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    Additional Outside spigot (door side)

    Has anyone plumbed and additional spigot to the door side of the camper accessible from the outside? This weekend was the first time I have dry-camped and I fix all the meals under the awning. I filled up the tank with water at home (only went 10 miles) rather than taking collapsible...
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    Mattress topper

    I put anti-fatigue mats under the OEM matress and now a 2” gel foam mattress topper on top - now I sleep well. What do you all use to put on the combination to keep it clean? Fitted sheet over both the OEM and foam topper? I’m looking for ideas!
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    Dam Quarry Campground - Norfolk Dam

    Just returned from camping at the Quarry Campground below the Norfolk Dam near Salesville, Arkansas. The campground is nicely situated below the Norfolk dam and has over 60 sites all with electricity and power. The sites are close but not too close to each other. Each has a slab of cement to...
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    Wanted - 13’ Dometic Cabana Room

    I am looking for a 13’ Dometic Cabana Room for my popup. I live in the Minneapolis, MN are but would be willing to pay for shipping from anywhere in the US.
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    Lake Wissota State Park

    We just came back from camping this weekend at Lake Wissota State Park located on the NE side of Lake Wissota, just outside of Chippewa Falls, WI. It was a rainy Friday and Saturday with a sunny Sunday so not all was bad. The park is expansive. 1 1/2 miles from the entrance/checkin station to...
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    Nugget Lake County Campground

    Nugget Lack (Pierce County) campground is located in western Wisconsin about 1 1/2 hours west of the Twin Cities (depending on where you are). It is located off the beaten path by Plum City and has all the amenities one would need. It is situated on a lake formed by damming up a river and...
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    Glen Lake Campground near Glenwood City

    Glen Lake park and campground is a Wisconsin county park located about 1 1/2 hours east of the Twin Cities, just north of 94 near Glenwood City. We camped there with my folks just before the 4th of July. They do take reservations and had the week before the 4th open but were full on the...
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    Fleetwood screen room

    Does anyone have details on the bottom trailer body skirt attachment for the Fleetwood screen room? I have an ‘07 Bayside but the bottom trailer skirt was missing and I am looking at making a different version fit. The Velcro is still on the trailer body. I have the long skirt that goes...
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    Caulk and inside propane stove

    A coupled of diverse questions: 1) What type of caulk is used under the refrigerator vent cover on the outside? I pulled mine off the other day (‘07 Fleetwood Bayside) to do the rear baffle mods and the caulk was almost like a gasket. It really doesn’t need to seal the vent like would be...
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    Fleetwood electric lift connector

    Has anyone ever replaced the connector on the remote to the electric roof lift? If so, what type of connector was used? The connector that is there on the remote and on the unit is not very rugged and prone to not working (as mine is right now...).
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    New and old to pop-ups

    Jim from Minnesota here. Just snagged a 2007 Bayside yesterday that was fully loaded. It had only been used 1 week per year each year and then stored for the year, from the time of first purchase until now (used only 11 times!). I’m proud to be the 3rd owner. Owner #2 had it only 2 years. I...