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  1. lonestarcamper

    Proposed New Year Rally at Texana Campground Jan 14-17 , 2022

    Who’s ready for a rally in the new year?
  2. lonestarcamper

    CANCELLED-New Year Rally at Lake Texana

    How about a New Year rally at Brackenridge’s Texana Campground on Lake Texana Jan 14-17, 2022!
  3. lonestarcamper

    Wolfcreek Park Lake Livingston Rally

    Mark your calendars for the weekend of April 17-19, 2020. Proposed gathering at beautiful TRA’s Wolfcreek Park the weekend after Easter. 60 day booking window opens Feb 17. Feedback needed from y’all on whether this is of interest. Last rally at Lake Texana Jan 17-20 was great!
  4. lonestarcamper

    Need cassette toilet repair advice

    I have a 2013 Flagstaff MAC and the cassette toilet pump doesn’t bring in the treated water to flush the toilet anymore. I’m not sure how to test to see which actual part needs replacing. I have parts numbers from Flagstaff, from entire toilet to toilet control panel to just the pump. Don’t...
  5. lonestarcamper

    Lake Texana-Brackenridge Park Winter Gathering

    This gathering is on MLK weekend Jan 17-20. It is Wagonmaster vacant unless someone steps up. However many of us make it an annual camp out. Booking window opens 10/23/19. We stay in the Texana Park side. Hope to see y’all there!
  6. lonestarcamper

    Wolfcreek Park-Lake Livingston Fall Rally Sept 6-8, 2019- Official!

    BYE, BYE SUMMER! Our rally is official! Sept. 6-8, 2019 Wolfcreek Park, Lake Livingston, Coldspring, TX Reservation window opens 7/8/19. 936-653-4312 I have reserved sites 13 & 14 for wagonmaster and central activities. PUP members confirmed; Lonestarcamper (4), Txbum (2)...
  7. lonestarcamper

    Easter at Wolfcreek Park on Lake Livingston

    FYI: Monday, Feb 18 at 8 am the 60 day reservation window opens for Easter Weekend at Wolf Creek Park on Lake Livingston. A favorite place for Puppers! We have sites 55 and 56 booked for several days before and thru the Easter weekend. Not an official rally, but hope to see others there...
  8. lonestarcamper

    “Birthdays Rally at Wolfcreek” Sept 7-9, 2018

    We’re returning to Wolfcreek Park (TRA) on beautiful Lake Livingston in East Texas. Rally theme is “Birthday Party!” Everybody’s got one! Reservation window is now open and link is Lots to do here; fish, swim, bike, putt putt golf, canoe/paddle boat/canoe...
  9. lonestarcamper

    Spring 2018 Rally plans at Inks Lake Cancelled.

    Puppers, due to the unavailability of campsites at Inks Lake at this time, and none were made in advance, the Rally planning has been cancelled. Hope to see all again soon! Lonestarcamper
  10. lonestarcamper

    Spring 2018 Central Texas Rally

    Hey Puppers! As designated "Wagonmaster" for this one, I need some park suggestions and comments. Inks Lake SP and Palmetto SP mentioned so far. Others welcomed before we put it to a concensus. Timing of Spring Rally also up for discussion; after Spring Break to before Memorial Day. I will...
  11. lonestarcamper

    How can I get mildew off canvas in popup?

    I need to know how to get mildew off the canvas in my popup. I have tried the bleach and water method and it did not work. Mildew has been there about 4 weeks. Any solutions out there?
  12. lonestarcamper

    Need Flagstaff Mac roof latch replacement

    Does anyone know where I can order/buy a replacement (or set) of white roof latches? I bent one out with the electric lift thinking all were unlatched. I'm afraid to bend out metal causing weakness. Need one asap. Going to Texas Fall Rally in Oct! Flagstaff Mac 228D btw
  13. lonestarcamper

    Newbie PUP, but been around the camping block a few times!

    Hello all you other Puppers! I have my second popup, this one bought new last year-2013 Flagstaff MAC 228D. I camp exclusively in Texas cuz it's so big and the landscape so diverse, there's been no need to go elsewhere. I've camped, fished, and boated all my life; the last 33 years with hubby...