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  1. TravelingAggie

    Went to the dark side and now I have questions

    Hello all! we just recently purchased a New to us 2017 Coachmen Freedom Express 257BHS. I was doing some general maintenance items today which had me spraying the slide seals with a rubber conditioner when I noticed the top seal is coming apart (I have attached photos and can take more if...
  2. TravelingAggie

    Hershey RV Show

    Anyone hear that a lot of dealers are pulling out of the Hershey, PA RV show in September? We talked to a salesman at camping world who said that they are pulling out
  3. TravelingAggie

    2015 Jayco 1007UD For Sale If for some reason you are unable to see this please send me a message. Thanks
  4. TravelingAggie

    Should I get LT or P rated tires

    Hi All! I just recently upgraded my TV to a 2018 F150 XLT SuperCrew with the 157" Wheel Base 3.5 L Turbo V6 3.55 Rear 275/65/R18 10,700 max towing 7,050 GVWR Mostly drive highway miles. Rarely go offroad. Im towing a 2015 Jayco 1007UD that has a GVWR of 2,550lbs Heres my question. On my...
  5. TravelingAggie

    Can I replace my pilot Water heater with a DSI water heater?

    So I was looking for an OEM replacement for my busted water heater( See thread here: ) When I saw the same brand and size water heater on amazon for less money but the only difference is that the cheaper one is a...
  6. TravelingAggie

    Which to Get??? 22" VS 17" Blackstone Griddle

    So for my birthday I was told that I would be getting a Blackstone griddle and that all I had to do was pick it out but im having trouble deciding between the 17 and 22 inch models. Most of the time it will just be the DW and myself but occasionally we might have up to 2 other people join us. I...
  7. TravelingAggie

    Leaving campfires unattended (AKA ticking off Smokey the Bear)

    Is it just me or does it bother anyone else when people go to bed or leave their campsite for extended periods of time with a fire still burning high (or at all)? We were camping this weekend and spent a large amount of time at the campsite (not normal for us but the DW is having foot issues)...
  8. TravelingAggie

    Did I destroy my hot water heater?

    So we just got to the campsite and it’s the first colder weekend we’ve camped this year. I’ve never used the propane hot water heater in our camper before. I figured out how to turn on the heat to the water heater and let it run for a minute( prob no more than 3 minutes), then turned it off. I...
  9. TravelingAggie

    Check your spare tires!

    On our most recent camping trip we ended up blowing our left tire out on the PUP. Pull over on the side of the highway, had the old tire off and went to get the spare when I realized that the spare was a 4 lug wheel and the PUP was a 5 lug! It looks like it might have been a Jayco factory...
  10. TravelingAggie

    Lancaster, PA RV Show Fri. Sept. 11 - Sun. Sept. 20 I think we will attend one of the days just to check it out.
  11. TravelingAggie

    Stepping down wire size from battery

    I’m installing a battery disconnect on my PUP. The wire size on the negative side to the battery appears to be an 8 gauge wire but all Walmart had for an extension was 6 gauge wire with the 2 ring terminal ends. Will that be ok? So it would go battery— 6 gauge wire— battery disconnect — 8 gauge...
  12. TravelingAggie

    Is this a good deal?

    A woman near me is selling this Thetford model 465 for $75. Is that a good deal or should I pass I’m used potties?
  13. TravelingAggie

    MD RV show Not sure if this will be cancelled due to COVID but if its not, We plan on attending.
  14. TravelingAggie

    Slightly used campers for cheap coming soon?

    So with the boom in new camper sales going on right now due to the ‘Rona. Do you think the slightly used market will be booming in the next couple of years?
  15. TravelingAggie

    Winterizing PUP stored in garage

    Does anyone winterize their PUP if it will spend the winter in an attached garage?
  16. TravelingAggie

    Lubricating leaf springs

    The leaf springs on my PUP are very noisy going down the road. Anyone got any tips on quieting them down or how to lubricate them?
  17. TravelingAggie

    Replacing outside speakers

    Can anyone tell me what the putty is inside my outside speakers? I’ve seen anything from butyl tape to plumbers putty on the Internet. Also do you need special camper sealant for the outside of the speaker or can you use regular silicone sealant?
  18. TravelingAggie

    Murder in PA state park

    Dont know if anyone else is following this but its in my area so ive been keeping an eye on it. Im feel horrible for this womans family but im also glad there isnt someone going around slashing throats at PA state parks...
  19. TravelingAggie

    Drinking water hose....Are they worth it?

    Are the white marine drinking water hoses really worth buying if I can just get a better hose for cheaper (and is the kind that shrinks small for the PUP for storage) out of the garden section? We don’t plan to drink out of the PUP, just do dishes and the occasional outside hot shower.
  20. TravelingAggie

    Does this look bad or is it just me?

    So ive installed some swagman crossbars on top of my PUP using the factory tracks that were on top of the camper (See attached picture). I was able to do it without drilling into the roof (My goal) but now im looking at bike carriers to put on top of the crossbars. In this video (5:45 mark)...