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    I go camping to get away from all these

    I go camping to get away from electronic equipment, especially the telephone. Why do you go camping ?
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    Post Removal After Selling

    [HYC] [TV] Best way I've found to remove a post is to report it to the moderator and ask to have it removed also tell them why......
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    Trail Manor manuals are availableat

    [HY] [TV] downloaded my manuals their, 55 pages.
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    03 Trail Manor Use the link above to see this unit. Selling my 02 Viking as I purchased this unit.
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    Wheel Bearing re-packer

    [PU] [TV] has a wheel bearing (1/2" id up to 2+" id) re-packer for under 20 bucks. I ordered one to do my pop up bearings as the dealer (with NO REPACKER) wants $175.00 to repack them. This unit comes with instructions or so it says in the reviews. Hope this helps Lisle...
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    02 Viking completely destroyed roof lift system

    [PU] [TV][/size] Wife was after me saying big storm coming with 70 MPH Winds. Got in a big hurry and tried to close up camper without storing the door This caused me to lower the roof with the door not stowed. wound up destroying the roof lift system Unit currently at dealer being fixed...
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    Looking for an electric lift for camper top

    [PU] [TV] Tired of hand cranking... help
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    Vin Number

    [PU] [TV] EURIKA I found it
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    VIN number

    [PU] [TV] just purchased a 2002 viking pop up and need to know where the vin # is located. No stickers on the 4 outside walls of the camper. Help would be appreciated.
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    This might help Ohio State Parks Web Site

    [HYC] [TV]
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    [HYC] [TV] I just found out that their is a 2016 spring rally being planned and I will provide the details once I know them. see Heady if you need more info. Yep, the spring rally will be at Harrision Lake state park in Mid-May.
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    I owned 2 of these

    [HY] [TV] I never checked the room in the pop out sleeping sections b-4 purchase....My head contacted one end while my feet contacted the other end. unable to sleep in these units, will not make that mistake again.
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    Ohio State Parks upgrades

    [HYC] [TV] The projects are being made possible by the support of Governor John Kasich and the Ohio General Assembly. They demonstrated their support by providing Ohio State Parks $88.5 million for parks improvements to strengthen the...
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    PC says all booked up at ohio state parks.

    [HYC] [TV] The pc kept telling me that all the sites at the ohio state parks were booked solid.. NOT TRUE ... instead of listing your camper and electric needs just enter any site and then when the park comes up it will tell you how many sites are available, including electric, and full...
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    Ohio State Parks with Full HOOK UP SERVICE

    [HYC] [TV] The following Ohio state parks have limited full hook up's. In order to get one you have to reserve far in advance. Alum Creek SP - East Fork SP - East Harbor SP - Geneva SP - Indian Lake SP - Mohican SP -Punderson SP -Pymatuning SP - Rocky Fork SP - Salt Fork SP - South Bass SP...
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    Hot water heater electric modification

    [HYC] [TV] Their is NO place for hot water heaters so I put it here. I purchased on of those convert your propane how water heater to electric and the wiring directions leave a LOT TO BE DESIRED. Also when purchasing one of theise check the ends that plug together as mine had 3 wires that...
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    Ohio's 88.5 million dollar upgrade to state parks

    [HYC] [TV] Ohio has 88.5 million dollars to upgrade the state parks in 2014. You can enter your suggestions at the ODNR site. I would like to see more full hook up sites
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    I want to take my 2 bikes camping

    [HYC] [TV] I'm thinking about putting a bike rack on the back of the camper. I have one that needs a 2" receiver that I would have to weld to the rear of the camper, I also have one that bolts to the bumper using a clamp like assembly. I had the bumper bolt on attached to a different camper...
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    [HYC] [TV] Mine is today 3-8 I'm 65 today Wife's is Aug 18 will be same age as me once again. Anniversary is 9-27 40 years this September Enter your information
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    [HYC] [TV] with 8 inches of snow on the ground and temperatures below freezing I am getting the camping feaver in a warm climate. Sycamore Springs May 16 to 19 2014 Hurry up and get here.