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  1. J

    First time owner!

    Welcome to the Portal from the North Coast! Join in, have no worries, and enjoy [:)C]
  2. J

    Said goodbye to my 1st pup today!!

    How does the hydraulic assisted braking system work?
  3. J


    Welcome to the Portal from the North Coast! Join in, have no worries, and enjoy [:)C]
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    I agree. Dean was never connected with the Portal. It's been so long since I've been over at PUX, I did not know he had sold it. I subscribed for a couple of years. It is a nice read for what it is. But it sure doesn't take long to go through it (Heck, it doesn't take me long to go through my...
  5. J

    Buying a Used TV got to vent.

    Talk to people you know. Someone might just know of a used car salesperson they can recommend. There are some decent ones out there that will work with you. If you find a good one, you can just let them know exactly what you are looking for (model, features, price range, mileage, etc.) You...
  6. J

    Our NTU 1997 Camplite 2208SL

    Great find. I don't think I'd use the extra awning over the pull out. It looks like water would just pool and cause extra work.
  7. J

    When did you switch to a pup

    We bought ours the summer of 2010. I had been looking at popups for YEARS.....our needs continually changing throughout the "search". I had grown up tent camping. My wife and I tent camped, along with our son after he was born. We were just reaching an age that we wanted to sleep off the...
  8. J

    1968 Heilite Trailer

    That is a great find!! Looking at, it has great features such as the side access. At 350 lbs, I think something like this would sell today. Most cars today have a 1000 lbs towing limit, yet the RV industry seems to ignore this fact. Many...
  9. J

    Cold, but still love it

    It amazes me that Mr Heater can keep the interior at 40°F when the exterior is only 5°F!!! That doesn't sound like fun to me. Our troop is doing "Camp Alaska" this weekend. I'm lucky my son had other commitments this weekend [;)]
  10. J

    How many of the 48 states have you camped?

    OH, MI, IN, & FL in U.S. ON in CA Have been to many more states, but not to camp.
  11. J

    Could use some guidance - all opinions welcome!

    Yes, YesYes!!!!! That would be a great trip to make. If you have the time and this is the camper you want.....then why not?
  12. J

    Shipping Popup

    Did you agree on shipping prior to purchase? Is the dealer in Chicago or Raleigh? If you could get it to Elkhart (Indiana), you would have a much better chance of getting in on a shipment going your way. Just curious...what were the circumstances that lead you to purchase a popup without...
  13. J

    questions prepurchase Coleman Taos canvas repair

    The Taos was not always listed in the official brochure each year, yet they were still made in limited production. The Taos was never part of the roof issues, so you're okay there.
  14. J

    hello from Florida, hesitating on getting pup needing a lot of work, advise?

    That has to be the smallest popup I've ever seen. It looks to be only 5-6 ft long. Those arms made it into a true POPup (instead of today's "crankups"). I wonder why they are not still used today? Seems more simple, faster, and more reliable.
  15. J

    Potty in the pup

    A necessity? No way. Nice to have? Depends on your needs. We only camp at state parks. They all do a great job of keeping the bathrooms clean. That being said, I did get in on a portal deal and purchased this one for $35 ($120 most places online): We are so accustomed to walking to the...
  16. J

    Eco boost needs synthetic oil?

    Looks like you should be using synthetic. I've been using nothing but synthetic for the past 20 years. Currently have a vehicle we purchased new that has 305,000 miles on it......all with Mobil 1. It just isn't that much more money in the long run. If you are leasing, I'd go with the...
  17. J

    Winter Blues

    Camped one night in a tent last week with my son's troop. It cured my cabin fever. In fact, I loved being inside the cabin the second night [:)C]
  18. J

    Well, We Did It

    Are you experienced campers? You purchased a 2014 popup and used it only one time. Now you bought a 2015 TT. Are you sure you like camping? Have you ever camped in a TT before? (Had you ever camped in a popup prior to purchasing the 2014?) Hope you don't end up selling the 2015 TT to buy a...
  19. J

    Goodbye Galley!

    I think having a galley is overrated in a popup. Newbies have visions for doing all of their cooking inside. The galley looks cool when you're looking at new popups. But when it comes to reality, the space can be much more useful for other things. You can cook outside. The other useful things...
  20. J

    Thoughts on a different potty

    Skeetercampsintexas, I'm with you on preferring a cassette toilet. Having a black water tank in a popup is not an "upgrade" in any sense of the word. I would think putting in a cassette toilet would be pretty easy if you don't mind spending the money on one.