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  1. cindy_k

    Open Pond Recreation Area - Nov 2021 - Alabama

    We stayed 3 nights, mid week at the start of November 2021, at the Open Pond recreation area in Alabama. This is an USDA run campground. Its first come - first camp. $16 a night for electric/water sites. Coming from central Florida, we booked a night at a panhandle campground on the way...
  2. cindy_k

    Has anyone tried replacing stabilizing jacks with leveling jacks?

    The camper is so light we are wondering if it would work to replace the stabilizing jacks with leveling jacks to use to level the camper. Instead of trying to drive it up on blocks etc. Thanks in advance! Cindy
  3. cindy_k

    First Trip 2015 Jayco Hardwall A-frame (skylight leak)

    We had our first 2 night shake out trip at a local state park. Just 40 minutes from the house. It was also our doggie's first camping trip. She's two years old, but we only had a tent before so we never brought her along. Towing went well. We booked a pull thru site so we cheated on parking...
  4. cindy_k

    Josh has an Aliner Expedition

    Used 2020 Aliner Expedition Always fun to watch him. :D
  5. cindy_k

    Finally picking up our 2015 Jayco HMD

    The new A/C has finally been installed. Its hot and humid outside but its nice and cool in here. We are staying overnight in the Lazydays delivery lot to make sure everything else works. We have had a couple of tiny things fixed while we are here. The latch to the shower door fell apart when...
  6. cindy_k

    Latches flip around - ideas?

    My husband and I got an opportunity (its still at the dealer getting repaired) to pop up the 2015 Jayco we purchased. Having watched dozens and dozens of videos of how to do it, I knew what to do, but practice is always a bit different. One thing that tripped us up a bit were the roof latches...
  7. cindy_k

    Hurricane Season is here. Gulf weather incoming.

    Tropical Storm Claudette is expected to develop Thursday or Friday from a large trough of low pressure currently nestled in the Bay of Campeche off Mexico’s east coast. The system is expected to stay put on Wednesday and then track across the western Gulf toward the U.S...
  8. cindy_k

    New Old AFrame

    Hi all! I jumped in without introducing myself. Let me tell you my crazy A-Frame purchase story. Yes, we're crazy. My husband and I live in Florida and we have been tent camping for last couple of years (pre-covid). He prefers camping to crowded places like Theme Parks. Camping in Florida...
  9. cindy_k

    Tent or Travel Trailer

    I am a new A-Frame owner (former tent camper), and I am scouting around Campground websites, to see what's available for camping with the trailer. I was looking at a KOA campground and they asked for me to choose my Equipment type. They didn't list Pop-up, instead the closest choices were...
  10. cindy_k

    Ants and Power cord

    I saw this tip on a website, to wrap your power cord with Gorilla tape to prevent ants from using it as a highway into the camper. I like camping, but really hate bugs. The AFrame camper we just bought has the cable coming out of a hole in the side. That would be even worse for bugs, the...
  11. cindy_k

    Thinking of getting a new 2021 ALiner LXE

    Is there anything I should know about ALiner and buying an RV? I have bought new cars, but never an RV. We have been tent campers but are looking to change to an A-Frame as our tent replacement. We aren't getting any younger and we love to camp in cold weather. I am looking at the LXE (...