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    Clifty Creek, Madison Indiana??

    One of he sites I work is across the street from Clifty Creek ....the folks inside say the camping is nice. Anyone been there?
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    Adding a Fender Skirt to Popup?

    My pop up has straight sides, as in the wall is continuous over the wheel well, which makes changing the tire nearly impossible. It takes a lot of maneuvering and a few choice words to get the tire in there, and it has to be devoid of air pressure as well. I have looked inside the wheel well...
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    Grayton Beach

    Grayton State Park review - we only stayed here a few nights, but we enjoyed it. Sites were nice, bathrooms were probably the best we have seen in a long time! We would stay here again without hesitation! Ocean was beautiful (about a half-mile walk or drive).
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    Where do you keep your crank handle

    As for storing it at the site - I leave it in the port through the bumper, and wrap an orange bungie around it
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    Where do you keep your crank handle

    We keep it in the awning bag!
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    Broken Bed - almost a serious problem

    One of the rivet head snapped off again the next night....ended up buying a rivet gun and aluminum rivets (couldn't find steel), and moved the kids onto the bed. I think what is happening is the bracket is being stressed because the channel the rails ride in have gotten stretched out or...
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    Broken Bed - almost a serious problem

    I was able to put the bracket in with the bed out a few inches, and close the bed to get it into the right place thankfully....your right, otherwise a nearly impossible repair to reach.
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    Broken Bed - almost a serious problem

    We almost had a bad evening - we drove 4.5 hours to Huntsville, AL (staying at the Rocket Center RV park). Got here in good time, no issues with the TV, got everything set up, ready to go. I was very happy the AC was working correctly (had a condensate drain issue previously). Laid down, and...
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    Good kid friendly camp site near Kentucky Kingdom/Hurricane Bay-Louisville

    There are a ton of things to do in Louisville (I'm a resident). Unfortunately there aren't very many campgrounds very close to town. There is a KOA in Shepherdsville (15 minutes away, south of town), There is Elizabethtown Crossings, about 30 minutes south. There may be a few just over the...
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    A/C Condensation Inside

    I had some dripping inside recently - yesterday I found the drain (between the condenser and fan) was clogged up with mud. I am assuming this came from mud dobbers nests. I scrapped out and vacuumed out as much as I could, then washed the rest out. Testing the theory today before we travel...
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    So, what did you do for your camper, July 2015

    Removed the drivers side hub which had lost the dust cap on the last trip - cleaned, regreased, and installed new dust cover on both sides. I fixed my AC! At least I hope - recently developed a little moisture in the ceiling, and couldn't recall any condensate dripping down. Opened it up, and...
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    Kentucky Halloween Rally 2015

    We would like to be there, but no electric might be tough. We don't have a heater other than electric!
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    Anything near Louisville

    Neither place in Shelbyville is very nice......that place is very small, the other is well...dirty. There are some nice places in Frankfort (15 minutes east), or Elizabethtown (an hour south on 65)
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    Every stay super close to home?

    We aren't terribly far from you - we live in Louisville! We too have stayed at Big Bone Lick, and we agree, the place is pretty decent. We stay in a campground in Elizabethtown often (about 30 minutes away) due to work constraints. I'm on call all the time and have to respond to Louisville...
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    New Option for a Bike Carrier

    I agree, but I am without a welder.
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    New Option for a Bike Carrier

    I forgot to mention - the bike rack has a folding option - pull the pin and it folds down to let the bed out.
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    New Option for a Bike Carrier

    What you can't see in the photos is, I used a CURT hitch tube which is square. The tube us pulled up against the angle iron in the center of the tongue, no chance it will twist.
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    New Option for a Bike Carrier

    I intend to use a grade 8 bolt as a hitch pin. The other bolts (except the U bolts) are all factory to the carrier.
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    New Option for a Bike Carrier

    SO we camp on weekends mostly, and the kids are always wanting to bring their bikes. We couldn't come up with a decent mode of transporting them....until I came up with this..... Costs: $10 for the hitch mount bike carrier $20 for the 1.25-inch x 12-inch hitch tube Added hitch...
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    So, what did you do for your camper, May 2015

    Got my new spare tire installed (replaced the main tires a month ago)!