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  1. giadiep

    Camper Envy

    StarCraft 187tb. 3 beds.
  2. giadiep

    Alternatives to winterizing waterlines

    Or blow out the lines with an air compressor and adapter.
  3. giadiep

    Camper Envy

    We have a 3 bunk hybrid and love the space it gives relative to it's closed up footprint. We're thinking of going to a TT with an actual bunkhouse, but it will need to be stored elsewhere because it won't fit nicely next to our house like the hybrid does.
  4. giadiep

    Tow vehicle suggestions.

    We have an HTT at 4600 lbs loaded so I tow with a truck. That's in part due to the surface area of a HTT or TT. Pop ups don't have the surface area to contend with so it's a little easier. When we had a pop up, we towed with a Dodge Durango, which had a 6000 lb limit. It was equipped with a...
  5. giadiep

    2013 Polamino Adding A/C

    My rooftop ac has the thermostat located in the "return air" plenum itself. So it does not have an external thermostat. Does your unit even accommodate an external thermostat?
  6. giadiep

    Tow Vehicle Prices!!!

    2 weeks ago, I traded in my 2014 Toyota Tundra for a 2021 Nissan Titan XD. I got $27,500 trade in for my 8 year old Tundra with 77k miles. I bought that truck originally for $37k ish. The Titan was an XD Pro-4x with an MSRP of roughly $60k. I paid $55k because it was a leftover 2021 but...
  7. giadiep

    Need advice

    They're all pretty much built poorly compared to any house or similar vintage car. Pick the one that looks like it was better maintained by previous owners (if everything else is equal).
  8. giadiep

    Black stone griddle

    I've never noticed a taste from the Blackstone and I've been using it for several years. Can you describe it and i'll try to pay more attention to it next time?
  9. giadiep

    Aldi screen room back this year!

    I just bought one a few days ago and am hoping to try it out this weekend.
  10. giadiep

    Is there an automatic disconnect for gas like there is for electric?

    Are you getting any gas from the quick connect outlet from the rv?
  11. giadiep

    Is there an automatic disconnect for gas like there is for electric?

    Interesting...that would lead me to suspect that it's the connection at the rv that is the problem. On my HTT, there is a lever under the female quick connect end that must be open to allow the flow (lever is in line with the hose). But it must be shut (perpendicular) in order for male...
  12. giadiep

    Is there an automatic disconnect for gas like there is for electric?

    I got my hose and connector from this place...and they work. I have the 17" Blackstone griddle and a low pressure outlet on the side of my HTT.
  13. giadiep

    Is there an automatic disconnect for gas like there is for electric?

    That should work. The port on the side of my HTT has a on/off valve which I assume yours has as well. When I use mine, I make all the connections and turn the valves on, then turn the gas nob on my blackstone to allow the gas to fill the line. It usually only takes about 10 seconds. Then it...
  14. giadiep

    Is there an automatic disconnect for gas like there is for electric?

    Which blackstone do you have and how are you connecting it to the RV? My blackstone works on the low pressure port off the side of my HTT...
  15. giadiep

    Electric Brakes?

    Yes. You will need a 7 pin and a brake controller.
  16. giadiep

    Trouble installing thermostat

    Did you try to twist those wires so that they are narrower (like twisting a handlebar mustache)? You may need to strip away some more of the insulation to expose a little more wiring. It probably doesn't need all of the thickness of that wiring since it's only sending a signal, not actually...
  17. giadiep

    Tow vehicle suggestions

    Good to hear. I think you will love it. They are good vehicles.
  18. giadiep

    Tow vehicle suggestions

    If it is between a Pilot and a Pathfinder, I would choose a Pilot with factory tow, Pathfinder with factory tow, Pilot without factory tow, Pathfinder without factory tow (in that order of 1st -4th). I think the Pilot's transmission will hold up better over the CVT transmission that is in the...
  19. giadiep

    TV Mount Question

    Almost any articulating tv mount will work as long as it fits the space and the TV you select fits the space. I mounted 2 "j" hooks on either side of the tv mount and use a bungee cord to secure the tv and mount while towing. I have had this setup for 4 years, never removed the tv even...
  20. giadiep

    What do you pull your TT with?

    I have a 2014 Tundra Crewmax 4x4 with the 5.7L. 1350 payload. It's fine for the 4600 lb (loaded) HTT that we have. You can get more payload in one of the domestic 1/2 tons. I'm thinking of going to a bigger truck for a bigger trailer, either a domestic HD with 2500 payload or the Nissan XD...