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  1. TheBlurb

    Ramada?????? Info

    Have you looked inside????
  2. TheBlurb

    Remember when these were cheap??

    Ahh American fuel prices! I was visiting a few weeks back and saved almost $40 on a gas tank fill over my regular Canadian pump prices!
  3. TheBlurb

    Remember when these were cheap??

    I’ve tried refilling but haven’t had much success. Seems to require some level of refrigeration/freezing which I don’t have out in the great wide open.
  4. TheBlurb

    Remember when these were cheap??

    Never seen 1lb-ers marketed as refillable.
  5. TheBlurb

    Remember when these were cheap??

    I remember these things would sell in 3-packs, usually for half this price. I can see someone buying one if they’re camping one or two nights a year. But otherwise who buys these at $11 Cdn a pop??
  6. TheBlurb

    Well, here it is!

    Nice find! Remember, Rome wasn’t built in one day!
  7. TheBlurb

    Hi from Green Bay, WI

    Sweet little pup!
  8. TheBlurb


    I have a memory foam mattress topper on the original foam. Might be 3-4" high - makes for a little squish challenge closing her up. Bought from Costco. So good that the kids want one on their side too.
  9. TheBlurb

    First Trip in Our PUP!

    Fridge probably just needed more time to cool. That said, I once experienced my fridge not cooling even after being plugged in for days. I now make sure to turn the selector dial — off and on — to AC more than a few times.
  10. TheBlurb

    BearCreek Canvas

    Anyone of you Bear Creek canvas converts have before and after photos??
  11. TheBlurb

    The Eagle Project

    I bought my Pup with a “golf ball” roof as well. It just gives it character!
  12. TheBlurb

    New pop up owner

    Nice vintage unit! Didn’t know they made hardsides way back then.
  13. TheBlurb

    Could be ugly here

    Does insurance cover that sort of damage out your way? I ask because where I am it rains, a lot, and insurance almost never covers any sort of flooding.
  14. TheBlurb

    Back to the subject of Generators....

    How do those propane generators compare with typical gas-powered ones in terms of noise?
  15. TheBlurb

    Protecting the Portal

    Keep up the good fight @PopUpSteve !
  16. TheBlurb

    Are solar panels all the same?

    Wow that renogy one is just $120 Cdn shipped. Why on earth is bluetti charging $350? Jackery is no better, it’s 100w panel is $300+ Cdn.
  17. TheBlurb

    Are solar panels all the same?

    If this is the kit you're looking at the controller is not integrated but is available for use. You would need an adaptor to convert the SAE two prong connector on the panel wiring to the proper input plug for your device. I would advise testing the polarity of the panel output before hooking...
  18. TheBlurb

    Are solar panels all the same?

    My local Canadian Tire has a NOMA brand 100w solar panel with stand and charge controller on sale for $180 Cdn. Much cheaper than the $350 bluetti 120w panel I was considering (to go with bluetti ac50s power station). Buying these Bluetti or Jackery combos let’s you know exactly what you’re in...
  19. TheBlurb

    What changes when your dog comes camping?

    Bark collars? Never heard of that. And I see your point about pens—not everyone will see the tie out cables.