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  1. Muller 5

    Adding a storage box

    How difficult would it be to add a storage box to my tongue? All I would put in it would be my propane tank and setup supplies. Maybe a battery if we decide to make it boondockable.
  2. Muller 5

    Breakfast station

    The pot only takes 5 minutes to brew. So brew another pot, and another if need be. Not much different than a Keurig. We have a four cup pot at the house as well as a Keurig. The pot makes two cups, Keurig makes one. Still brewing over again.
  3. Muller 5

    April 2020 - What did you do for your camper?

    We are quarantined so I am keeping the germs out of the pup.
  4. Muller 5

    Any amateur radio operators here?

    Thanks! Has he been heard from lately? He's very old and has some disabilities. I'm not in contact with that side of the family much.
  5. Muller 5

    Have you nodded your dinette table?

    We don't have a table. I cut some plywood to fit and it stays as a bed. We have a collapsible picnic table we bring with us and do everything outside.
  6. Muller 5

    Bikes on front or back?

    I plan on doing a tailgate bike rack for the adult sized bikes and shoving the kids bikes in the trunk with the other gear.
  7. Muller 5

    Coping with cabin fever...

    We used the equipment in the TV. Chrysler put the jack in the wall of the cargo area. Minimal unloading. I do have a cross lug wrench that is not included with the car. Had to change the pup wheel on the side of I-80 in Nevada with 3 kids by myself. Well, Mr. 13 helped. First time I've ever...
  8. Muller 5

    Youth Camping Today

    My kids are allowed the DS in the car as we travel. We mostly camp with scouts where the rule is "no electronics", so that's the default when camping. They've both just learned how to ride their bikes so that will be a new experience for them, if we ever leave the house again. Lol.
  9. Muller 5

    How Many Trips Cancelled Due to Virus?

    Was planning on using spring break (this week) to take the kids to my parents house in KC. Thought I'd work on a cabinet and counter rebuild there where there were more tools, a larger driveway and things to occupy the kids (Grandma and Papa). Plus, my parents are big DIYers so if I ran into...
  10. Muller 5

    DIY crank handle

    Better than the DIY my pup's po devised. I have a golden lift with a square socket. Like the one above. My pup's po used a flat piece of metal and a pair of vice grips. It was tearing the socket up. That was one of the first things I fixed on the pup.
  11. Muller 5

    What's Your Health Tonic?

    V-8 + Energy. Green tea and B vitamins. As much caffeine as a cup of coffee. Keeps me going without the crash. And veggies too.
  12. Muller 5

    Lets have some fun

    I want a heater. I love the slide out kitchen. Maybe a slightly larger box with bigger bunks. Comfortable mattresses. Functional storage. A storage box on the tongue, big enough to hold a rack for the two kids bikes. A dinette table for the inside.
  13. Muller 5

    How are you keeping busy?

    Two of my three kids are home every day. I have a school like schedule for them to do academic work, exercise, and chores before doing what they want. My work schedule is sporadic, so I'm home more often than not. My Husband goes to work early and leaves early. The daycare is not closed yet.
  14. Muller 5

    Tent Camping

    I tent with the scouts. I have one in the Troop, one almost done with Cubs, and one waiting for his turn at Cub Scouts.
  15. Muller 5

    What product to seal pinholes in canvas?

    I've been using white duct tape.
  16. Muller 5

    Camping: Single with kids...

    I took my three boys to Oregon from MO. My mom was along for the first half, but she flew home. I sure could have used her on the way home, though. Mr. 3 and I both got stomach flu...
  17. Muller 5

    Is a pop up a good idea with young kids??

    Mine are 13, 9, and 4. They love the camper and all help out a bit. My 4 yo loves to pull the chocks in the morning. Lol Luckily, he can only get the ones without a lot of weight on them, so camper is still safe. 13 cranks up the roof and does most of the heavy lifting with me. 9 handles...
  18. Muller 5

    February 2020 - what did you do for your camper?

    Finally had a warm enough day to remember to tuck my canvas back in. I was out to dry from our last outing. Also reorganized the garage he lives in.
  19. Muller 5

    Pimp my Pop Up!

    I had something similar in mine when I bought it. On the inside. Either the PO cheaped out on them or he didn't clean under them first, (or both, I'm inclined to believe) because they fell down the same time as the ceiling panels on our first trip. I scrapped them. Here's hoping yours last...
  20. Muller 5

    But WHERE to make the repairs?

    4 feet of flat by the garage and then 25-30* slope for 8-10 feet.