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    Popup Gizmos for Starcraft Centennial 3604

    I have a set up popup gizmos that I no longer need due to selling the camper. Make me an offer and cover shipping and we both win.
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    Step size for Starcraft Centennial 3604

    I need to replace the step on my 2005 Starcraft Centennial 3604 camper. My DW is currently out of town with the camper while I am working and therefore I cannot physically measure what size I need. Can anyone tell me if it is a 20 or 24" pullout step? Thanks.
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    When did you switch to a pup

    I was purging files earlier and found the original receipt for our first pup. How long everyone has has been pup camping? May 2008 2002 Jayco Qwest 10x last trip October 2013 totaled by hail 30 trips +/- December 2013 2005...
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    Starcraft Centennial replacement roof is flat instead of domed.

    I am having a new roof installed on my 2005 Starcraft Centennial 3604 due to damage being covered by insurance. My question is this: The dealership just called and said the new roof is flat and approximately 10" thick. The original roof was 7" at the edge and 9" at the center. Do anyone see...
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    Favorite awning type and why

    I am looking at Dometic/Trim Line. Carefree and Shademaker as a replacement for our existing awning. My question is what is the better option and why. The second question is for those that have it attached to the side of your camper. Do you prefer that arrangement compared to the poles being...
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    Shademaker awning on Starcraft centennial

    I am trying to find someone that has installed a Shademaker awning on a highwall camper. My concern is that the legs will not be long enough to compensate for the higher mounting point. If anyone has a measurement of a Starcraft Centennial opened up, Iwould appreciate it. It is too darn cold...
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    Ultimate Dutch Oven

    I am looking for other people that have experience with the Camp Chef Ultimate Dutch Oven. I ordered one yesterday for less than 60 bucks shipped. I was intrigued enough that I had to try it out. Besides, my other 5 dutch ovens were lonely. Give me some feedback on recipes that work...
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    False alarm on mold

    My DW and I along with another friend who joined us camping 2 weeks ago went out for dinner last night. The conversation zigged and zagged over the course of the evening and eventually got around to winterizing campers as other friends dining with us are new to camping this year. My DW and her...
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    2 camper roofs destroyed in two years

    Two years ago a hail storm destroyed the roof on our Jayco qwest 10x to the point where our insurance company totalled it out. We then purchased a Starcraft Centennial and this is our second season with it. A month and a half ago, we were pummeled with walnuts during a camping trip that...
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    Mixing a suprise birthday party in the middle of a camping trip

    We have had some crazy adventures over the years during our various camping trips. This weekend, we had a suprise 50th birthday party in the middle of what my DW thought was a normal camping weekend at Turkey Run State Park in Indiana. The logistics of getting everyone and everything to the...
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    public kudos to Weber Grill

    My Weber Q100 camping grill had a regulator fail on it. I spoke with customer service and we determined that the grill was approximately 10 years old and the warranty is 2 years. After further conversation, she agreed to replace the part at no charge. This is the second time I have called for...
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    First camper in a campground on opening day.

    We decided to spend Spring Break in Gatlinburg this year. Adventure Bound/Crazy Horse didn't open until Tuesday, April 1st. We spent 2 days in a timeshare and then headed to the campground at 10 am on opening day. I can now say that I was officially the first camper in the campground on...
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    2005 starcraft centennial 3604 what refrigerator?

    I need to replace the fridge in my camper but cannot get into it to see which model I need. I know it is a 3 cf, 3 way fridge. The camper is in my garage and I do not have room to open it enough to to see the data plate on the inside or get to my manuals. I would appreciate if anyone has a...
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    Camping essentials acquired

    We ordered a PopUpPortal Flag and it arrived a few days later. We purchased our Indiana State Park pass. We have our launch stickers for our kayaks. Two ricks of firewood are cut and stacked. We have a side of beef (with lots of steaks waiting ready for the campfire and or grill) waiting in the...
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    Side of beef has been delivered.

    We buy a side of beef every year in time for camping season. The quality of meat is much better than store bought and since one of my friends raised it, I know the quality is there. It also tends to be more cost effective when feeding two teenagers. We picked it up yesterday and the freezer...
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    Recruiting new campers

    My DW and I joined another couple we camp with on a regular basis to celebrate her DH new job. We met for dinner last night and another couple joined us whom my DW and I had never met. They are in the process of shopping for a class C camper so they can travel. The have 4 large dogs that...
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    Criteria for picking out a pup

    There have been several posts recently about what to look for in a camper. Share your thoughts on criteria you used in picking out your camper. We personally have learned a lot of the last few years of camping regarding what we like and what is not that important in a camper. Here a few...
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    Balanced school calendar

    I am just curious how many schools around the country have gone to the balanced calendar (2 week spring break, 2 week fall break, 2 weeks at Christmas and 8 weeks of summer). We are trying to plan summer trips and the shortened summer is making it a challenge to plan. The follow up question for...
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    Successful Indy RV Expo and Show

    I took the DW to the Indy RV Expo today to look at campers and just get out of the house. We found nothing that we liked better than our current camper or that would work better with our camping style. Parking 5.00 Admission 14.00 Not spending money on a new camper: somewhere less than...
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    Storing camper in garage

    Several of us have mentioned that the reason we love our pups is because we can store them in the garage. It is now January 1st and my beloved pup is still in my driveway due to having too much stuff in the garage. My 16 yo DS and I will be cleaning and purging the garage so the camper can be...