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    30 Days Western U.S.

    Backstory: we've had our PUP for just over a year. DW wasn't sure we'd get enough use out of it to justify the cost. 2021 we camped about 40 nights, including an 18 day summer trip. So far, it has been well worth it. So much so, that we are thinking when we retire in four years, we'll buy a 30'...
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    Bent awning frame

    On our latest trip this weekend, we ran into some story weather. Long story short, our awning itself survived, but the frame itself is pretty twisted. We own a 2021 Rockwood 2318g, so the awning itself is pretty new. I'd hate to have to replace the entire bag awning. Does anyone happen to know...
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    Adding an A/C unit

    Greetings, Last March, I purchased a new Rockwood 2318g. My wife and I are thinking making strongly about adding an AC unit. The dealership where we purchased the pup quoted us $2250 installed. Last year, we took 13 trips with the pup, and will do more this year, including a five week trip...
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    How long is too long?

    So far this year we've managed to take 12 trips in our new pup, including a 16 day trip this summer. I'm curious to know what your longest trip has been. My wife and I are thinking about a 30 day trip this summer (benefits of working for a school!) We were fine on our 16 day jaunt, but then...
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    Slideout Sag

    The dinette slide out on our 2021 Rockwood Freedom 2318g sags a bit. Not horribly, but it's definitely not level. Is this normal? Thanks!
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    Dual Group 27 Battery Box

    Long story (hopefully) short: When we bought our pup in March, the dealer gave us one group 27 battery inside a dual group 24 box. We lost the lid to the battery box on our last trip (don't ask, haha!) and I was trying to future proof my purchase. Does anyone make a battery box that holds 2...
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    Is your pup a "Gateway Drug"?

    Back in April, we purchased our first pup: a 2021 Rockwood 2318g. Since then, practically everyone we've run into, after commenting on how nice and "cool" our pup looks says words to the effect "yeah, you'll be in a trailer in 2-3 years". Even our salesperson said "we'll see you in a couple of...
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    Battery amp hour question

    I recently installed a voltage monitor in our pup. In setting up the monitor, I need to input the capacity in amp hours. My battery (Centennial DC27MF) Is labeled 115 amp hours. When I look at specs online, however, I see the following: Rated Capacity (20 Hour Rate) 90 AH Should I input 90 or...
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    Stabalizer Jack Permanent Footplate

    I was watching a YouTube video, in which the host described about 12 "must have" mods to his pup. (Of course, now I can't find the video!) One of his "tricks" was to attach a piece of pressure treated 2x6 (so it appeared) to the bottom of each stabalizer jack. Obviously, he doesn't have to...
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    Leveling Pup in Sloped Driveway

    Fairly new owner here, and I'd like to set up my pup in the driveway. It, like many others, has a fairly decent slope to it. I'm wondering what is the safest way to set up and stabilize the pup in one's driveway? Thanks!
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    Drain Hot Water Tank Between Trips?

    Being new to the popup world, any new question (or 5) come up with each pup adventure. Today, I was wondering if there is any value in draining my hot water tank between trips? Is it ok to let water sit in the tank for a week? A month? 3 months? And if I decide to empty, would there be any...
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    Screwing into ceiling

    We own a new Rockwood 2381g. The pup came with "U" hooks over the stove to hang a pantry, which wasn't included. Older models of this trailer also had hooks over a cabinet next to the dining table. The intention was to hook a hanging wardrobe. My wife would like one there, so I thought 'why not...
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    Learning more with each trip

    Greetings, We just returned from a weekend with the new pup. Overall, the trip was pretty uneventful, which I mean in a very good way. Camanche Lake, which is southeast of Sacramento CA. The place was pretty full, and the sites were fairly close together. The neighbors all were quite well...
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    Checking Water Level

    We are taking our Rockwood 2318G out for her 2nd trip this weekend. We are camping with full hookups, so the point is somewhat moot, but I was wondering: how do you check the level of your potable water if you're boondocking?
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    Maiden Voyage

    My wife and I recently purchased a new Rockwood 2318g. Since we don't really have a flat spot on our property, we camped overnight at a site about 10 minutes from the house. The goal was to not have to return home for anything, haha. We took things slowly and easily, using the checklist my wife...
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    Making my Grand Caravan a TV

    As a future satisfied pup owner, I figure it's probably best to get my 2015 Grand Caravan ready to tow. To be honest, at this point I'm a bit overwhelmed. In my limited understanding, I'm looking at: 1. Installing a hitch receiver 2. Ball mount 3. Hitch Ball 4. Wiring...
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    Buying out of state and warranty work

    Greetings, My wife and I have kind of, sort of landed on a Rockwood 2318G/Flagstaff 228. (Definitely not set in concrete). I've been scouring the internet for used models in California, with not much luck. There is a dealership 12 hours away with several new models, and seemingly competitive...
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    Potential Pup Owner

    Greetings. I've been lurking for a few weeks, and have learned a ton already from scouring this board. Per guidelines, I won't ask questions here, I'll introduce myself. I'm Tom, and my wife and I have been empty nesters for about 15 years now. We live in Central California, about an hour south...