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    Really excited to finally get our new to us tow vehicle! We can actually ride in one vehicle when we go camping!!! [PUC] [PUT] [:D]
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    Well Crap, here we go again

    Well, it's been a couple months since our last trip and just now getting around to posting what happened when I was tearing down. As I was putting the roof down, I heard a pop in the front right corner started to come down on me. After I yelled for one of my friends that we were camping want to...
  3. J

    Camping with kids

    The other day when I was on the Facebook group for pop up camper owners I read a status that keeps going through my mind. It said to cherish any time that you get to expose your kids to camping and enjoy it. I started to think of our journey and all the reasons why I purchased a basket case like...
  4. J

    Dutch oven

    Ok I am sure there is a forum on this already but trying to figure out what size of DO to purchase. We are a family of 4 and I see the different sizes but opinions please, 4, 6, 8 or 10qt? Thanks guys!
  5. J

    Where are you cruising the portal at?

    Just a little fun, on my way home and thought it would be fun to see where all you cruise the portal at.
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    Leveling the roof

    Ok, so after about 2 months of scratching my head on getting the roof level I finally accomplished it! Of course it helps if you label the cables correctly! [RTM] What I did was went to the local Home Depot, had them cut 1x4's at 20" a piece. Lowered the roof on to the roof (camper level and...
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    Snugging up swingdowns

    Ok, I am sure it has been on a thread before but I am not really seeing it anywhere. I have the swing down type stabilizers on our 96 Jayco 1207. I saw today while looking at a video on youtube they took a screwdriver, stuck it one of the holes and snugged it down even more to where it was...
  8. J

    Door Frame

    I am looking for the piece that attaches to the body that the screen door slides into for a 1996 Jayco 1207. I talked to Jayco and they said I would have to order a new style door that will not work with mine due to where my ac is located. If anyone has any suggestions other than it getting...
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    I am wanting to install a courtesy light with a switch, my question is do I just tap into the current outlet like I would with house electrical? Sorry I am sure this had been asked before but want to get some direction! Thanks!
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    Daddy time

    As I sit here in my chair under the camp lights, holding a rotten french bulldog I can not help but smile. My wife is a career firefighter paramedic so she will be here in the morning. I absolutely love this time of having an evening with just our two daughters enjoying "daddy" time. I feel I am...
  11. J

    Jeep mirrors

    Hey everyone, I am looking for mirror extenders for a 2006 Jeep grand cherokee. Just got the hitch put on and can not see around the trailer lol. If anyone has any input it would be great! Thanks for the help!
  12. J

    Let's see some before and after!

    Ok, I love seeing before an after or even the first time you opened her up! So let's see all those pics and even share a story on that first time you brought you pup home! Can't wait to see the pics! Mine before After Ready....Set....Post!!!!!!!!!!
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    Kids bed divider

    The DW and I were discussing that we want our dining table back from our oldest daughter. Our oldest likes to kick/hit our youngest in her sleep while she is rolling around. So on "date night" tonight while eating Mexican I started drawing on a napkin and we decided to make a trip to Home Depot...
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    We went to Camping World today just to walk around the accessories section. The kids wanted to walk around and look at campers so we did just to burn some time. I was disgusted on the inventory of used units, windows taped up, tapes across cracks on the windows, half the campers looked like the...
  15. J

    Door Piece

    Ok, so I know what the part is but Jayco does not make it anymore. The only thing that they can do is send me a new style door that with how mine is set up will not work. I am going to run by the metal fab shop today to see if they can repair it, but if anyone has one or sees one let me know...
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    Are you kidding me!?!?!

    Was pretty excited today, went and bought a brand new Carefree of Colorado awning I have been dreaming of for months. Got it home took it out of the plastic slid it onto the rail and just my luck...... The first pic has 1 hole and 3 spots where it's about ready to wear through and the second 1...
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    Ok, I am sure it is on here somewhere but I have a normal rooftop a/c with just the dials an no heater. I am trying to figure out if a digital thermostat can be added so the unit does not run all the time. Any help is appreciated, thanks! [RTM]
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    1996 Jayco 1207KB resurrection Pic Intense

    We started this project in July 2012 and we finally set off on our maiden voyage in July 2013. We are still in the process of doing little things here and there but in between projects we camp! I hope everyone enjoys the pictures as much as I love to reflect on them...
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    Ok might have covered this somewhere else but wanted to ask for a little help. We have a 96 Jayco 1207KB. My problem is on our last trip a few weeks ago we were using two heaters plugged into our 110 outlets with nothing else running and the breaker kept popping. Just wondering if this could be...
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    IN- Cornerstone Campground New Castle

    Tried out Cornerstone Campground this weekend and had a great time. Very clean grounds, showers, bathrooms and pool. The pool is a saltwater system and they have a very nice large pond with canoe and paddle boat rental. Staff is awesome deliver your wood and ice and available if you have a...