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    Starcraft Galaxy 6, '78 Roof Rebuild

    About a year ago I was blessed with a free pup [PU] that was basically handed to my family by my wife's family. Right away we knew there were problems that started with the roof. The lights did not work, the wood frame had large amounts of rot, and the top of the roof looks like a thousand...
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    Fort Kearney

    State park Permit required. (seasonal or day pass) Pad with electrical hookup $18 for the night. Site is wet (drinks) Swimming hole. Platte river accessed by hike trail 1 mi north. River wading dependent on current with a Railroad trestle bridge spanning it for viewing. Showers and clean...
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    Low Profile Faucet

    I have a 78 starcraft Galaxy 6 with the original siphon pump faucet, which is broke. I have the parts to make a pressure system but can not find a low profile (roughly 2") faucet. Any one else run into this problem?
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    Engineered wood for long portions of top rebuild.

    I just in inherited '78 Starcraft galaxy 6 and the top needs to be totally rebuilt. For the long portions (sides) of the top I need to get 12' 4" wood. I would have a hard time using dimensional lumber as it has a tenancy to warp as it is still drying and pine seems a little weak for my tastes...