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  1. 2000skamperSPORTm17A

    mod? for lower battery drain on Atwood 7916-ii furnace?

    The 16000btu furnace works fine in our 20-year-old Pup. But I wish it drew less current when boondocking with solar panel (& Group 24 Marine battery). This model has been around a long time...reliably in many RVs. So...I'm wondering if anyone has retrofit a more efficient fan/motor, etc...
  2. 2000skamperSPORTm17A

    Lancaster County says "Hi"

    The wife & I have been enjoying bicycle riding on RAIL TRAILS for past few years on vacations, etc. And, we camp...on the ground. But, it's time (at age 60+) to get OFF the ground (tent) and into the kind of PopUps I grew up around. So we're here...having just found an older simple model...