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    Starcraft Galaxy 6, '78 Roof Rebuild

    I purchased the aluminum from a shop that repairs Semi trailers, GI trailer where I'm from. Side was simple flashing for houses that you would use for roofing,
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    My turn to repair the roof - Going to be a busy couple of weekends!

    stay away from flaked or particle board. it's water resistance is much less than plywood. Try to use one for outdoors use with out being treated. There is a difference in the construction adhesives compose the make up of the plywood.
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    1976 Starmaster 6 Roof rebuild

    When I built mine, I pre-fit the frame before placing on the skin, just in case something was out of kelter. makes it a little easier to fix with less steps backward...
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    Starcraft Galaxy 6, '78 Roof Rebuild

    Aluminum - $250 (+20 for different roll for sides) Wood, frame and ceiling - $50 Lap joint Epoxy - $12 Foam insulation - $38 General Construction adhesives - $12 - adhere foam and side aluminum Automotive epoxy adhesive - $150 Butyl and silicone sealants $10 30' 2 core shielded wiring -...
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    Engineered wood for long portions of top rebuild.

    very nice! if you don't mind me asking... how much did that run you?
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    Engineered wood for long portions of top rebuild.

    I have finished the project and have posted the build else where, but I'll add the link here to what I have done to bring my pup back to life. Happy Camping!
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    Any foreseen problems with vinyl flashing? If not, what adhesive?

    I picked up a 50'x12" roll of just plain silver aluminum flashing that they use in hips and valleys during the roofing process for around 20 bucks @ Menards. Aluminum will expand and contract as well. I used adhesive. Make sure it will remain flexible and spread an even amount across all...
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    repairing swing out kitchen frame on 78 starcraft galaxy need help!!!!

    Yep.. I"m jealous of the swing out! [:D] Like to see photos when you get a chance!
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    1976 Starcraft Starmaster 6

    Looking good! Kind of jealous of that swing up sink you have there and all of the interior improvements! I'll eventually get there as well..
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    77 Starcraft Redo

    Looks good. Interesting thought of incorporating arched bows into the roof. I'm assuming the skin was kind of stretched from the underside giving up the ghost, to allow for the added arch. That may have been an interesting addition to have incorporated into my roof when I rebuilt mine. I'm also...
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    Starcraft Galaxy 6, '78 Roof Rebuild

    Mine as well had the putty under the strip. When I reassembled I used "liquid" Butyl in a caulk dispenser. I used those an any sealing areas that I considered a compression fit. It dries really slow and stays flexible. Butyl used to be used to affix windshields in automobiles. Everything I...
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    Starcraft Galaxy 6, '78 Roof Rebuild

    1" x 2" pine for the cross bracing (kicked around using maple more expense) 1 4'x 8' sheet 1/2" plywood for the frame same thickness as what came from factory. anything larger the bottom aluminum channel wouldn't fit. NplainsmenN
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    Starcraft Galaxy 6, '78 Roof Rebuild

    About a year ago I was blessed with a free pup [PU] that was basically handed to my family by my wife's family. Right away we knew there were problems that started with the roof. The lights did not work, the wood frame had large amounts of rot, and the top of the roof looks like a thousand...
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    1985 Starcraft Galaxy 24- to the frame and back....

    I think we could have a race going! I have about a day to button up the roof, and another to re cable the lift.... things are looking good on your end [Guitar]. I have been documenting my build... when I get the time, I'll post the pics..
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    Stripes, Decals and such

    I wouldn't mind coming up with some original starcraft signage for a late 70's galaxy 6. I Paint cars for a living and plan on a custom paint job, possibly flames. I'm using aluminum that you would find on a semi trailer and thinking of taping off flames and polishing the rest of the top to a...
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    1985 Starcraft Galaxy 24- to the frame and back....

    Sweet! Thanks for the tip. On a side note for those rebuilding older pre 80's pups... Just got off the phone with starcraft and they do not have build diagrams on record for the older pup ups like mine [:(]. Back to re engineering for me.
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    Fort Kearney

    State park Permit required. (seasonal or day pass) Pad with electrical hookup $18 for the night. Site is wet (drinks) Swimming hole. Platte river accessed by hike trail 1 mi north. River wading dependent on current with a Railroad trestle bridge spanning it for viewing. Showers and clean...
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    1985 Starcraft Galaxy 24- to the frame and back....

    I'm not sure on the BTU's since there wasn't any documentation that came with it. I'm very jealous of your [;)] refletix. Since we are kinda newbies were just working on getting the ol girl habitable to withstand plains winds [{}=] without the roof falling off all around us. I am scheming on...
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    Low Profile Faucet

    I have a 78 starcraft Galaxy 6 with the original siphon pump faucet, which is broke. I have the parts to make a pressure system but can not find a low profile (roughly 2") faucet. Any one else run into this problem?
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    Poll: What Timeframe Was YOUR Pup Built?

    78 Starcraft Galaxy 6 Rebuilding the top and adding a powered fan to it. Previously a window ac was installed in it. Closet was removed still has lime green counter tops and those lovely tree curtains