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    What the...Maryland Charges a Daily Transaction Fee for Walk Ins

    Maryland State Parks charges a reservation fee of $4.56 a night. However, if you just show up without reservations, $4.51 a night transaction fee will be charged. Also, a daily entrance fee is assessed. I have never heard of such a fee for walk ins. There is 1 transaction, so why a daily...
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    A Beer Called Popup IPA
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    Sold something for close to $400,000 today while camping.

    Had an outstanding issue resolved with my account with a previous employer today. Proceeds close to $400,000 while transacting over my cellphone while camping.
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    Camping With Pets; How Is That Working Out?

    We usually camp with our mini Poodle. She is remarkably hardy and doesn't mind outdoors or hot/cold weather except high winds (probably hurts her ears). However, we try not to bring her on longer trips (5 to 14 days) that are more about travel and less about camping. For instance, National...
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    What Part of Your PUP is a Total PITA To Use?

    I dread inserting and taking out hitch pin clip. Not enough room to have a full grip. Thankfully, I saw Reese Ergo Clip designed to provide clearage from hitch and enough surface to have a firm grip to handle the clip. Now, very easy to pull in or out. Anything to ease stress of hitching or...
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    Rather Large Tow Vehicle Next To Our CS

    This truck came in around 10:30 at night. From the sound, I pretty much knew what it was:
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    Colorado Trip

    As previously posted, DW has been wrestling with a variety of medical issues. Instead of our usual Southwest Colorado vacation, we are splitting up the time so she can have follow up testing at National Jewish Medical Center in Denver (during Colorado Rally). Accordingly, here is our schedule...
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    After camping, it feels strange staying in a motel

    I am staying at a motel in Denver CO because DW needs a complete medical work up to find a way to control her severe asthma. We are comfortable. However, I feel restricted and penned in. Not used to people living above and below me. Quite frankly, I would rather be camping. What are your...
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    Where Is Your Next Or Planned Or Best Hope For A Camping Trip?

    Even before finishing a camping trip, I am planning the next one. Fortunately, next for me is a backcountry trip to Death Valley National Park in 10 days! However, towing my PUP is not advised. Back to tent camping for this adventure.
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    Snacks When Camping

    What are your favorite snacks when camping? Due to diet issues, we have eliminated some. However, man does not live on bread alone. Good quality cheese and whole grain crackers still taste good.
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    San Simeon Creek Campground

    Located just outside Cambria along CA Highway 1 in view of the Pacific Ocean. Hearst Castle Visitor Center is 4 miles further north. There are 134 camp sities with paved driveways and flush toilets for $35 a night. Unthreaded water spigots are spread around the CG. Also, there is a threaded...
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    What do you listen to on XMRadio/Sirius while camping?

    Thank you for asking! We love our favorite sports teams and enjoy following them while camping in the evening. Afterwards, Catholic Channel or Jazz.
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    Did your Dear Wife ever complained that you camped too much?

    Towards the end of a 2 week camping trip around San Juan Mountains Colorado last summer, DW declared that I wanted to camp much more than her. In her defense, she enjoys any sewing art and being away from home limited her projects. Has your spouse ever expressed any resistance to your camping...
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    Could this be the smallest PUP with bunkends?

    I saw below PUP in a Long Term Visitors Area just south of Quartzsite AZ. Many folks that camp there stay during the winter months. Maybe there is just enough room for a one mattress.
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    Did you ever had a hard time trying to decide where to camp for 3 nights?

    Living in the desert Southwest, still warm during day light. However, at higher elevations, chilly mornings. Trying to find a CG that is not too hot (Death Valley NP; 100+) or too cold (Cedar Breaks NM at 10,000 ft) lows near freezing. Today was 92 degrees and not looking forward to camping...
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    Curious George Goes Camping

    Even monkeys like to go camping.
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    Colorado is PUP Central

    While driving south from Grand Junction on Rt 50/550 2 Sundays ago, saw many PUPs in tow. In fact, saw the most PUPs than any other state either in CGs or on the road during our 2 week trip. Colorado rocks!
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    UT - Zion National Park Watchman CG

    Started the New Year off right by camping 2 nights at Zion. There is about 90 RV sites with 30 amp service. Dump station includes threaded water spigots. Bathrooms are being replaced. Located next to river with shade trees and flanked by soaring sandstone formations.
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    All of a sudden, running lights on while on battery and not hooked to TV

    While breaking down PUP to return home, DW noticed that running lights were on PUP (running off PUP battery). TV was not even hooked up to 7 pin plug. That should not, or ever, occur. Also, once 7 pin plug was plugged into TV while engine was off, running lights of PUP were also on...
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    Voltmeter Mod - more details

    Following was pieced together from several posts on subject. I finally made it to Harbor Freight to buy a $3 CEN-TECH digital multimeter (on sale). Clipped off probes and attached wires to RadioShack solderless Mono 1/4" phone plug. In upper left of picture are cut off probes. Lower left...