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  1. NMroamer

    Camping Safety.

    For all you who have the babe in the woods idea of safety. A family of three including a baby might have died drinking the water. A young woman was buried by a rock slide hiking alone. Last and saddest incident, two women were murdered camping near Moab Utah.
  2. NMroamer

    Minivan towing.

    Almost weekly there is someone that signs up and asks about towing with a minivan. Shortly after I joined the questions started. In the almost five years that I have been watching since the first question was asked. I have never seen a minivan towing a popup in New Mexico, Colorado and...
  3. NMroamer

    New Members.

    Is there a database of new members this year. I am guessing there has been more new members this past year than anytime in the past. The campgrounds here both organized and dispersed have been full almost every weekend this past summer.
  4. NMroamer

    Clueless campers

    There is another thread about the trash people leave behind. Here it has gotten so bad that a campground is closed because of it. Not to mention the abandoned campfire that started a forest fire. Second campground closed. Makes me wonder what their house looks like. I grew up spending as much...
  5. NMroamer

    Lanterns and batteries

  6. NMroamer

    Found humor

    Found the site a couple of years ago when I was looking for an information place about campers. Have always been a self help type. Got some help but now come back for the humor I find when people buy a camper and have no idea what they are doing or got themselves in to.
  7. NMroamer


    How do you have privacy with a potty in a popup?
  8. NMroamer

    Generator shutdown.

    Something that happened to a friend of mine with a Generac generator. Did not unplug it when he turned it off and a reverse current surge took out the voltage regulator. Thought that I would mention it here so others would know to unplug your generator before you turn it off. Do not know if...
  9. NMroamer

    New TT

    Liked popup camping but there comes a time when having a mattress to sleep on and indoor plumbing mean a lot.
  10. NMroamer

    Alamosa Co. experience.

    Just got back from a week in Colorado near Alamosa. Had a low pressure tire warning light in the mountains. Went into Alamosa to get it checked out. Neither Firestone or Walmart would even take a quick look at it after I explained that I was traveling. Changed the tire in the parking lot under...
  11. NMroamer


    I was on a thread where a member was hesitant to mention that he carried a firearm while camping for fear of being censored. Is this true?
  12. NMroamer

    altitude limit

    Has anyone used their fridge at 10,000 feet or higher? Seems it would take longer to cool. Have used mine at 8500 with no problem but here at the South end of the Rockies high altitude camping is what we do.