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  1. TheBlurb

    Remember when these were cheap??

    I remember these things would sell in 3-packs, usually for half this price. I can see someone buying one if they’re camping one or two nights a year. But otherwise who buys these at $11 Cdn a pop??
  2. TheBlurb

    Are solar panels all the same?

    My local Canadian Tire has a NOMA brand 100w solar panel with stand and charge controller on sale for $180 Cdn. Much cheaper than the $350 bluetti 120w panel I was considering (to go with bluetti ac50s power station). Buying these Bluetti or Jackery combos let’s you know exactly what you’re in...
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    $172k for a camper van?

    Boy money doesn’t get you what it used to. Saw a dealer ad for this brand new camper van. The price? $172,000 CAN!! ($137k US) Doesn’t seem like anything special. And it sure is small. Wow.
  4. TheBlurb

    Camping in the rain

    It is spring after all. The clouds are making up for lost time here on the west coast, and it hasn’t stopped raining for days. In fact, this week and next (spring break here), rain is forecasted for every day. We’re leaving Sunday on our first trip of the year — three nights in the rain (snow is...
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    From the popup graveyard

    Just saw this today. Just needs a little TLC. Doesn’t look like much more than a tent on wheels. Anyone know what it is?
  6. TheBlurb

    Carrying a kayak

    If you’ve carried a kayak, how have you done it? I have 2 options: strapped to middle of pup roof along the metal support; or strapped to roof of TV with j-hooks. Kayak is new, just 40lbs. I want the quickest setup. I’d be easy on the pup—no ratchet straps. I’ll be on the road a lot this...
  7. TheBlurb

    Most affordable way to add power

    What's the most affordable way to add additional power to an off-grid camping trip (3 weeks, moving every 4-6 days)? Extra power is only for charging electronics: phones, ipad, laptop, a few toys, portable vacuum. Notes: my pup tongue has room for only one battery; I'm not a fan of generators...
  8. TheBlurb

    Connecting second battery with jumpers

    At the campsite, can I safely connect my trailer’s battery to a spare car battery (on ground) with jumper cables to effectively double my power? In the past I would switch the batteries if trailer one dies during a stay. The idea above would be much easier.
  9. TheBlurb

    A Gypsie?

    This, according to a local ad, is a 1968 Gypsie Tent Trailer. Never heard of it. But interesting for sure. Owner writes in ad that its origins are a mystery, only that someone once told him it was once sold as a Craftsman product (Simpson Sears). Made in Canada.
  10. TheBlurb

    Last summer trip cancelled by fire

    Today was supposed to be the first day of our last trip of the summer. But too many forest fires, and smoke, here in BC, Canada scuttled our plans. The weather here is changing though, so the fire situation should steadily improve. We had one of the hottest, driest summers I can remember, and...
  11. TheBlurb

    Mice in TV!

    On our last trip, something that’s never happened to us did: mice. But amazingly not in the trailer. In our tow vehicle. This campground seemed eerily devoid of critters of any kind during the daytime. But we had been warned of another campground one town over that’s notorious for mice. Still...
  12. TheBlurb

    Latch/lock recommendations?

    I’m seeking to replace my sticky latch/lock door mechanism in my 2003 Jayco. Found one on Amazon, but while some reviewers were wowed by the all-metal construction, others said it was cheaply made. Any recommendations from those who’ve done this? Thanks in advance...
  13. TheBlurb

    Storage locker on wheels?

    Here’s something you don’t see every day: some kind of massive, home-built storage trailer pulled by a motor home. Could also be the doghouse!
  14. TheBlurb

    Fire ban already - would that stop you?

    Can’t believe it’s early July and a province-wide fire ban is already on in BC, Canada. We’ve had some unusually scorching temperatures and little rain, so the wildfires are burning. Usually I bring a trunkload of wood but for this trip, only a propane fire. I still miss the wood burning fire...
  15. TheBlurb

    How do you set up your awning?

    My most hated/feared task of campsite setup is the awning. Period. It takes a minimum 3 nights at a campground for me to put this sucker up. So how do you do it? I usually pop up the trailer all the way and save the awning for last. Then I stand on bins that aren’t meant to be stood on and...
  16. TheBlurb

    Battery-powered USB and power outlets

    Installed a dual USB outlet and lighter power outlet (for my small inverter) with digital display. Wired to trailer tongue battery.
  17. TheBlurb

    Popup for bikers!

    The Big Bike tent trailer. Came across this used for sale at $2,800. Cool idea for motorcyclists or even cyclists maybe, but who would ever??
  18. TheBlurb

    What changes when your dog comes camping?

    Our new puppy will soon be going camping for the first time. We’re going away for 2.5 weeks, and the pup will be sleeping in the pup. We’re new dog owners, but my wife and I had dogs growing up. Any advice for managing the dog at the campground? And in the trailer sleeping? We’re still trying...
  19. TheBlurb

    Tow THIS with a minivan??

    Here’s an ad I just came across. Seems a bit heavy for a minivan once loaded, no? “2016 Jayco Jay Feather 7 16XRB The only hard top trailer with 6 sleeps which you can tow with a minivan! Incredibly light! Rarely used, well maintained and like new condition! 16 ft long Dry Wt: 2974 lb Gross...
  20. TheBlurb

    What deodorizer makes most scents?

    Last year I exclusively used Camco TST drop-in tablets in my 5gallon portable toilet. I've tried 2 different colours. Mediocre results at odour control. OK for No. 1s, incredibly crappy for No. 2s. Good reviews for Black Diamond's "Get Serious" RV toilet treatment. Anyone used it - or something...