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    Upper limit switch search

    My popup stops two inches short of a full open requiring taking out the drill for the last few turns. I am trying to find where the upper limit switch is located so I can at least tinker with it to eliminate this issue. I am posting a photo of the winch for your edification and any advice.
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    Good deal on group 31 bats

    Batteries Plus has their group 31 batteries for $129 which includes the core charge. So if you bring in your old battery knock off another 10 bucks. Also, if you order online for pickup at the store take off another 10%. Earlier this season they couldn't keep them in stock. I am pretty happy...
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    Costco battery

    I bought a Costco Interstate group 27 13 months ago for my popup but found this spring it won't charge. Today I took it back and was told it only has a 12-month warranty so I am SOL Number one, I was ignorant of the one year warranty, not a good sign. The clerk said she tells people to trade...
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    Wisconsin closes its state parks

    Gov. Tony Evers directed the state Department of Natural Resources to close 40 Wisconsin state parks, forests, recreational and state natural areas, most of them in southern Wisconsin, due to record attendance over the first two weeks of April. Evers said the closure is "due to unprecedented...
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    Are there any camp grounds that have adjacent golf courses?

    Always looking for a campground/golf resort that would offer some kind of package deal without going broke on greens fees and a cart. All I have been able to find around here in Wisconsin are sites that have an adjacent pitch and putt course at best. Probably asking for too much.
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    AGM batteries

    Does anyone have any experience with AGM deep cycle batteries and are they a worthwhile upgrade? I did a search of this site and couldn't find any discussions.
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    Well, that was embarrassing....

    At our most recent outing we arrived at the campground and, when we checked in, the attendant said "these reservations don't start until tomorrow." Oh. True. We came a day too early. We usually book camping reservations on Sunday through Wednesday but I forgot that we couldn't get reservations...
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    Cabana screen room

    On a recent outing the people camped next to us had a Jayco popup which had a Dometic Cabana screen room, which fits into the awning slot, replacing the bag awning. It is a dome which can be enclosed or used as a screen room with three sides or left open in the front. I was pretty impressed and...
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    How to prevent fridge pilot flameout?

    Is there a trick to keeping the fridge pilot from blowing out while traveling? My rig has the two access doors which are baffled but that doesn't prevent the air from blowing out the pilot. It would be nice to have a chilled fridge when I arrive on site instead of waiting several hours for it to...
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    Accessories I ditched in first season.

    1. The first thing to go was the dinette table in the slideout. I don't need the bed option and it is very heavy and awkward to handle. Replaced with a small ABS table for $30. 2. The awning. It was in rough shape anyhow and too easy to get damaged in a storm. We found a canopy is much more...
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    Camping has changed.....

    We got out of camping for the past five years because of other things going on in our life until this year when we bought our popup camper which we love so it gave us a vantage point to make some observations about the changes we noticed and, the recent postings about the possible death of popup...
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    How to get customer service's attention.

    I recently took my trailer to the dealership for repairs to my freshwater system, things that they guaranteed were working when I purchased it last fall. I left the trailer with them for a relatively minor repair but it sat on their lot for almost three weeks and telling me they wouldn't be...
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    Great Lakes water levels

    Wife and I went to Harrington Beach State Park two days ago on a day trip and to our surprise the water level on Lake Michigan was so high the beach was gone. I found out from a friend the neighboring State Park to the north the situation was the same. I googled Great Lakes water levels and...
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    Boondock coffee solution

    We found making coffee in the wild one of the more vexing problems. Instant coffee is okay for one day but my wife and I have to have the real thing. We grew tired of the campstove percolator and finally she stumbled on this solution...
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    Bag awning question

    Do you unzip the awning bag and pull the guts out before you raise the top or after? Looks like a difficult reach when it is up all the way.
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    Good Sam

    Is there any advantage to joining the Good Sam Club. Anyone a member? You qualify for discounts at various places but do you make use of them enough to see the value?
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    Hello from Wisconsin

    My wife and I our in our young 70's, but healthy. After 50 years of tent camping we no longer want to rough it. Bought a 2012 Flagstaff 625D fully loaded. We wanted all the amenities, especially AC. We were once Civil War reenactors and set up for that was a real undertaking and then you spent...