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  1. vjlarson

    2018 Washington Summer Outing

    Please be thinking of ideas where to rally next year. Vicki
  2. vjlarson

    WA - Maryhill State Park

    This state park is located in Central Washington on the Columbia River, very near the bridge where you cross over the Columbia to Biggs Junction, Oregon. It is a beautiful park with huge grassy irrigated lawns. It feels like an oasis. A few minutes from the park, is Maryhill Museum...
  3. vjlarson

    Charging a Hi Lo battery while traveling

    Are there any other Hi Lo owners on here? We recently got one and just came back from our maiden voyage with some questions. Firstly, how do you charge the battery while traveling? And how do you "unplug the battery" when you're stopped on the road for lunch or something. In our tent...
  4. vjlarson

    Standard Sites

    So what does Standard Site mean to you? When we've experienced standard sites in Washington, it's meant no hook-ups. No water, no electricity - and certainly, no sewer. It's dry camping in a campground. So, when I made reservations for South Beach State Park, in Oregon and reserved a...
  5. vjlarson

    Trip to Monterey CA booked

    We're finally settled with our routes and bookings for our trip to Monterey. We leave in two weeks and we plan to take the Interstate down to Monterey and Hwy 101 home, with a slight diversion over to 1 for a while so we can catch the California Coast line along Mendocino and Fort Bragg ...
  6. vjlarson

    Breaking down in the rain with a HTT

    To the Hybrid owners, I have a question regarding breaking down in the rain. Because you still have canvas pop-out bunks, it seems to me that you'd still have the issue of closing them up wet. Is there something I'm missing? Wouldn't you still have to go home and dry them out?
  7. vjlarson

    Lguna Seca Recreation Area, CA

    We're going to take a trip down to Monteray, CA., in August. The campgrounds are apparently very scarce in that area. It seems there are RV Resorts, which we don't care for (and they probably don't want pop-ups anyway), or there is campgrounds with tent camping only. There is apparently a...
  8. vjlarson


    DH was talking to someone with an Apache when he was on a Ferry yesterday. The guy told DH that there is a Vintage Trailer get together in Roslyn, WA., on Father's Day. I thought I'd pass this along in case any of you are interested. Here is the info from the link at...
  9. vjlarson

    GOLD BASIN CAMPGROUND - Mt Baker - Snoqualmie National Forest

    We finally got out for our first camping of the year. We went up to Gold Basin Campground up in Mt. Baker - Snoqualmie National Forest for a 3-day weekend. Check in time is 4:00pm but the camp host let us set up at when we got there at noon on Friday because the campground was so empty...
  10. vjlarson

    Wanapum State Park, WA

    Has anyone stayed at Wanapum State Park near Vantage, WA., on the Columbia River? I know it can get very windy down in that area and wondered if the pup can handle it. If anyone has camped there and would give me a review and/or opinion, I'd appreciate it.
  11. vjlarson

    Can you imagine...

    I hope these folks aren't campers. They'd probably want to bring their "son" along with them!!!!
  12. vjlarson

    College Student survives Bear attack in Alaska.

    Interesting article. She survives - but the next day someone was killed by a bear in Denali.
  13. vjlarson

    Fantasy Chicken

    While camping this past weekend, I made the "Fantasy Chicken" recipe that can be found on the Every Day Dutch Oven website It was SO good. I will definitely make this again!
  14. vjlarson

    Birch Bay State Park

    This park is located on Birch Bay and is a very lovely State Park with convenient walking paths to the beach (Puget Sound). There is a loop with full hook-ups, but the Standard sites are the best as they are bigger, more wooded and more private. There are flush toilets, although the facilities...
  15. vjlarson

    Dump "Birthday" Cake

    We celebrated our grandson's birthday while camping this past week and made a dump cake using drained peaches, a white cake mix, a can or squirt and red hot candies. My first dessert in the DO. One grandson is a cub scout and the other is a cub scout wanna be (this fall), so they were thrilled...
  16. vjlarson

    Camping near Monterey, CA

    Our son is on new Army orders and arrived in Monterey, CA., tonight. We're already thinking about when we can make a trip to see him and wondering about camping in that area but I haven't found much on the Internet, other than big rig parks. Does anyone know of any National or State Park...
  17. vjlarson

    Pork Tenderloin

    I made Pork Tenderloin in the Dutch Oven tonight. I read on the meat package that the tenderloin should be cooked in a 425 degree oven for 40 minutes. To convert that info to DO cooking, I used my "Dutch Oven Calculator" Phone App to figure out the cooking stats. I have a 10" DO and when I...
  18. vjlarson

    DO Recipe Book Recommendations

    I've found a few DO Recipe books on Amazon and I even downloaded a couple to my kindle. I'm kinda disappointed though and wondered if anyone has any thoughts or recommendations? I got the 101 Ways to Dutch Oven Cooking, which is pretty good - or at least a good start, but the other one I got...
  19. vjlarson

    Cabela's Dutch Oven

    We just bought a 10" Tri-legged Dutch Oven tonight at Cabela's. Does anyone else have this DO and/or have you seen one? After I opened the box, I noticed there's a small notch in the top edge of the bottom part of the oven and there is the same thing on the lid. When both are lined up, it...
  20. vjlarson

    First Time Camping in a National Forest

    We just booked reservations in a National Forest for the very first time. There are flush toilets, showers, and running water... but no hook-ups. This will be the first time we've done this. I'm a hook-up Mama. [:D] But the friends we are going with camp this way and we thought we'd give...