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    Poll:What did you pay for your NTY PopUp?

    $150 for 1978 starcraft windsor. needs some cables and other odds and ends. but I hope to not put too much into her so I can enjoy 4 days of camping at country thunder. And then whenever I have spare time and cash work on her more.
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    OK Ladies....!!!!! ALL THE HANDYWOMEN!!!!!

    my guy and I try to share the work, but I end up doing more. we pulled up the previous laminent floor and I did like 7/8 of the job and was fine. he was a little winded. I'm not complaining though. we put our heads together on ideas for restoring our camper and I confide in everone in this site...
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    1978 venture windsor 6 rapair and restoration

    wow that would be great. I'll get some pics of the tongue as soon as I get over to the camper again. it's at my bf's house and he works 2 jobs pt and I work 1 FT, i'm hoping to get there sunday or wednesday. I will def look at the corners on the floor... I didnt even think of that (outta sight...
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    1978 venture windsor 6 rapair and restoration

    i plan on a lot of sprucing, and some replacements. replace list: lift cables seat covers removing foam on beds and bringing in air matresses counters and cabinet replacements replace wood @ corners of the top where the lifts go into place need to get: attachment assembly for camper where it...
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    1978 venture windsor 6 rapair and restoration

    ok so today was the day we opened up the 'new to us' camper. previous owners left a lot of random stuff and garbage. glad to say I had no furry friends welcoming me. first thing I did was take out all the garbage, then tackled in the storage areas under the bench that goes to the outside...