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    What a different season

    Normally we camp 5 to 6 times of a week to 10 days. This year we have spent more time doing maintenance and improvements than camping. Hubby found a why to put a grab bar on the door( made a bracket to attach to the door frame at the top and through bolted the bottom in the camper wall. (...
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    Finally got out

    We escaped the triple digit heat on the Colorado prairie for two weeks July 13 thru the 20. Had a great time at one of our favorite campgrounds near Woodland Park. Since than between fires and overcrowding we have been stuck at home in the heat. Next trip is Sep 13 thru the 17. We got...
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    Surge protector

    We have been camping dry in the past. And would run the generator to charge the battery in the morning and evening if needed. Now we thinking of trying sites with electric and water. We would not have to bring the generator and could use a small electric heater and only need propane for cooking...
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    Install toilet with portable black tank underneath

    My husband is thinking about getting a rv toilet, and portable sewer tank. He thinks he can put the toilet where the cabinet we keep the self contained potty is. Using a sewer hose and sewer tote. He has looked at the location he would cut a hole in the floor. Also if we had a full hookup site...
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    Town block kayak supports

    Has anyone used foam kayak blocks on the roof of their pop up? We have a 2018 Viking 2108 ST and want to transport a 50 lb kayak using foam blocks and tie down rackets straps. Good idea????
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    South Meadow campground

    Escaping the heat Aug 20-28. Near Woodland Park. Nice town nice campground. Nicky the mini schnauzer likes his bed.We did some off roading and also took Rampart road to Garden of The Gods. Lots of easy and fun dirt roads (other than Rampart rd) in the area.
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    Blue Mesa trip 6/2-6/10 2019

    Some pics of camp and sights. Also Black Canyon.
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    Cottonwood lake near Buena Vista Co

    Just figured out how to add pics. Had a nice time. Cottonwood pass was spectacular. This trip was late June 2019
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    Beaver creek campground

    Just got home yesterday from 8 nights near South Fork Colorado. Typical beautiful mornings and stormy afternoons, but escaping the heat of eastern Colorado prairie was wonderful. We fished and kayaked, and had a lazy relaxing time. We did go to Chimney Rock National Monument just west of Pagosha...
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    Cottonwood lake near Buena Vista Co

    Got back on Monday after a week camping. Our site was at 9600 ft. Most mornings were beautiful and a few afternoons had the usual storms some with hail. Did not realize that the area would have so much pressure from Denver. The lake was crowded, with people using the boat launch as a picnic...
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    Finally got out

    Went to Blue Mesa Reservoir near Gunnison Co. For 9 nights. Stayed at the east side of the lake, no trees, very windy,stormy,low 30s ,high mid 70 s. Mornings are beautiful in Colorado afternoons can be stormy. Caught some nice brown trout lazy chair fishing. Went to the Black Canyon of the...
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    How concerned are you about security? Doug locks up the hitch ball, the receiver to the jeep, the generator, the yeti, the 5 gal gas and water containers, propane tanks, and the trunk lid on camper. He also intends to change locks on hatches. I may have missed something but more than once we...
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    Dr winterized yeah

    Last fall we purchased a 2018 used Viking 2108st . We camp twice b4 having to winterize . This Feb we had a wind storm that ripped the cover and discovered leaks (broken,cracked plastic) on the top not lid of the trunk. Repaired with black silicon caulk. Yesterday we opened camper up and went...